Virtual Vets Races

Here’s something to keep you motived during the pandemic.

We are going to be running a virtual 5K and 10K competition for each month
from now till Christmas and almost certainly, into 2021

Basically complete a 5K time trial and a 10K time trial each month. and
submit your times on the forms I will post later, backed up by Strava or
similar record. Your time will be age graded and points awarded each month
based on your age graded score. At the end of the year we will publish
results of overall leading runners and you will be able to compare your
scores with other runners.
If you want you can do several measured runs a month, in which case just
submit your best result.

Please pick a route that has as little overall negative gradient as possible
or better still run an out and back course. No ultra-fast downhill routes
This is just for fun. there will be no entry fee, it is free and there will
be no prizes. Just the honour of a good for age time, perhaps gradually
improving your times during the year or even just to have a reason for going
out and doing a hard run whatever your speed.
If you do not have a GPS device such as Garmin or Strava then just get
someone else to check your route for distance and send a time , photo of
stop watch or similar.
We will trust people not to cheat you would only be cheating yourselves!
I will post the link on which you will be able to enter your timed runs each
month on both YVAA and HH Facebook groups but you can register, add your results for the month, and see results from, past months by going to Events, Club Events, YVAA Virtual Races, where you will find all the relevant links.

If you don’t do Facebook just send me your times etc. and I’ll send them in
for you.
Rob K

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