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Hello and welcome to Holmfirth Harriers AC T&F (Track and Field) pages, there are so many options and ways to get involved in T&F athletics it can seem rather overwhelming at first sight. Once we’re back to usual operation and meeting regularly there will be notices about competitions and regular advice available from your coaches, me or the other athletes and parents you’re training with.  In the meantime, keep an eye on these pages and check for opportunities as they arise. Please remember the information could change as the landscape is in perpetual flux, do check with venues before setting out for events.

In the following paragraphs I’ve tried to give an overview of what is (usually) on offer; whether it’s an individual or a team event and approximately what level of competition.

As there is hope of an end to the current lockdown more events are being published and squeezed into the most likely competition months of 2021, July and August. Since several events will appear out of their usual calendar positions I have added notes re the expected dates, if they differ, when we have an entire Summer season available.

The WYT&FL is a must for all. We’d encourage all athletes to enter these fantastic local events and try a range of both track and field events. Entry in advance, the first and last are held on a weekend with the rest on Wednesday evenings.

Cumulative totals from individual performances count towards a club league total.

Also, if you enter and compete in at least one of the league events you are eligible to enter and compete in the Championships in September.

Note: Athletes who entered for the 2020 season should hang on to their numbers as their entries have been rolled over to 2021.

Forming a buddy group is a great way to enjoy competitive athletics whether team or individual.

West Yorkshire T&FL Championship event

There are a range of Open meetings including the brilliant Trafford AC open meetings and Tuesday evening events

Holmfirth Harriers AC encourage all athletes to participate in the annual Yorkshire County T&F Championships (some members may qualify to compete for a different County), which normally take place over two days in May, but due to the Covid-19 pandemic has provisionally been postponed until August 2021

The next step up from the Yorkshire County T&F Championships, are the Regional Championships for our area the Northern Championships that normally take place at the end of May each year.

Northern T&F Championships (Regional) and EA Championships (National). Website via Northern Athletics.

Yorkshire Athletics on Facebook

The national championships are promoted by England Athletics, details can be found here.


The club currently take part in the Northern T&F League, where we have been very successful, this is a team league event for athletes U17 age group upwards. Always a great day out and a hard-fought series of four events across the season to gain or to retain promotion status.

Teams are selected on performance (and availability), a full team is critical and there are lots of opportunities to compete and gain points as officials, plus supporters are always welcome.


Hence, for all competitors, you need committed parents and carers as it’s a tough journey to the top! It would be fantastic to see athletes gain International honours. Our long-standing Club member, Mark Buckingham aka “Sharky“ has represented Great Britain in the Steeplechase. He also represented GB in Cross Country on the Road and Fell and Mountain Running before becoming an Elite Triathlete where he has had a successful career, winning International honours.

Rest assured, there really is something for everyone whatever your level or interest whether that be individual or team competition; open, league or championship meetings; outdoor or indoor venues; competing or officiating.

See your powerof10 profile grow as you compete in EA verified events.

Updated Northern league dates and venues (15/02/21) The league has just been informed that the English Schools Track and Field Championships which are being held at Sports City, Manchester will now be over three days, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, July 9th to 11th July.. This is a direct clash with the original date for the third North of England Track and Field League fixture. To avoid this clash the decision is that we move to the weekend before, Sunday 4th July.

This is just one example of changes that are likely throughout 2021. Don’t be put off, I’ll do what I can to inform of any changes I’m notified of.

Useful postcodes: UK Running Track Directory

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Ann Smith

Ann Smith
Track and Field Secretary

Ann Smith

Track and Field Secretary
Ann Smith

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