Manage your membership

A how to guide for managing your own HHAC Membership (existing members)

From 2024, Holmfirth Harriers are operating a fully online membership system called SiEntries. This will mean all members can manage their own membership at any time. You can manage all memberships, including family memberships, student discounts, coach and life membership types. You can also set your membership to auto renew by direct debit each year, meaning you will never need to change anything as long as you remain a member.

Paying by SiEntries is now the only way to join the club. Please do not bring cash or pay by cheque as this is no longer accepted. Do ask, though, if you need help!

If you pay by Direct Debit with SiEntries, you will remain a member until you cancel. PLEASE DO use this option as it saves our volunteers an enormous amount of work.

Existing members should renew their membership using the links emailed to them by SiEntries. All they need to do is use the links sent by SiEntries to log in, answer a few final questions and then pay. 

Please contact the Membership Secretary if you have any problems.

If you are a non member (parent or guardian) and are paying for a Junior who is renewing.

You will need to create an SiEntries account for yourself in order to make someone else a member of Holmfirth Harriers. This does not mean you are required to create a membership for yourself. You will be adding someone else as a member (who does not need to have an Si Entries Account.) Please see instructions below.

How to Renew your Membership

1. Log in to SiEntries using the email address you have provided the club previously.

2. Check that the members you want to pay for are shown here:

All members should already have a membership created. This membership has been allocated to one person in each household. If you don’t see your details here, check if someone else in your household is ‘owner’ for your membership.

You can click the arrow to view Membership details of the people you are renewing for.

You may need to accept conditions.

3. Save and Pay

4. PLEASE pay by Direct Debit.

This will mean your membership will always renew automatically on an annual basis.

Just make sure you set up a Direct Debit and your membership will renew next year automatically.

To make renewals easier, all members living in the same household have been allocated one membership ‘owner.’ This person can log in and pay for both memberships.

If you would prefer to manage your own memberships separately this is no problem, please contact

All family memberships must be managed by one person, is order to gain the discounted price.

When you set up a direct debit we give about 3 weeks’ notice (‘about’ as payments are taken on a Friday), so initially in the 2024 membership year this would be taken 3 weeks after you sign up on the system.

In subsequent years the direct debits would be rolled over together and taken in March, so payment is taken in advance of the membership year opening.

We have two student discounts. One is for full time students (18+) studying in the area and training regularly at the club.

A further £10 discount is available for those living away from home and just training with us during breaks between terms. 

Please check this part of the membership form carefully when you sign up on SiEntries:

Yes. You need an SiEntries account to be able to join. However if one person in your family has an account, they may add other people who do not have an account.

The good news is you might already have an SiEntries account that will already have some of your details stored.

You can manage your email preferences in the Edit Membership Section. Just tick which Sections of the club you wish to hear from.

We do ask all members to Tick ‘General Emails’ so that they can receive vital club wide communications.

Your membership will auto renew at the new price if fees go up. We will always tell you in plenty of time in this scenario.

Just log in and use the Pending Transactions area:


One adult in your family will act as Lead for the purposes of Memberships. They need to create an Si Entries account, add the family members and pay. Just create one membership, then keep adding members. The system will calculate pricing discounts for you.

The additional adult (or child) can be added as ‘someone already registered with  SiEntries’ or ‘someone not registered with SiEntries.’ If that member has an SiEntries account, it is better if they log in, find their SiEntries ID number and give it to the Membership ‘Owner’ before they create the family membership.


Log in to SiEntries using the email address you use to manage your membership.

Edit your Membership and add a new member.

You will need an Si Entries account. Log in and create a membership. When you create the membership, make sure you create it for someone else.

You have the option of creating a membership for someone who is NOT on SiEntries.

Yes. One person can create an Si Entries account and pay for someone who is not on Si Entries.

To do this, Edit your Membership and add and pay for someone who is not on SiEntries.

Just edit your family membership to make the changes. You will need to pay the extra amount.

If you are now over 18 and are going to pay for and manage. your own membership, make sure your email address is correct in the England Athletics Portal (don’t use your parent’s email address).

Just sign up for SiEntries yourself and join as normal.