Clark’s Bob Graham Round

We’re super proud of Clark for completing the legendary Bob Graham Round this year, even during the year of a pandemic!

If you haven’t heard of the Bob Graham round, it’s a 66mile route around the high fells of the Lake District. Runners register their attempt with the Bob Graham Club and must be witnessed and accompanied all the way round the route. They say nowadays ‘if it’s not on Strava, it didn’t happen (that was the link, just in case…)’… well if it’s not registered with the Bob Graham Club, then this didn’t happen!!

So Clarke asked for the club to support him for his attempt during a global pandemic. No problem we said, we’re Holmfirth Harriers… the rest is history. We couldn’t say it better than Clark could say it in his own words, so here they are:

The Bob Graham Round

Want to know more about the route? A superb introduction to it is the excellent book Feet in the Clouds. Be careful reading it though – it might wake up your inner long distance fell runner…

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