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If you are 35 or over, you're a vet. Join us!

The Vets Section for runners over the age of 35 is one of the largest and best supported sections in the club. As well as being active in many open races on road, trail and fell many Vets take part in the internal club races and the Yorkshire Veterans AA (YVAA) Multi-terrain series and various YVAA Road, CC and Fell Championships. All full members of Holmfirth Harriers over the age of 35 are eligible for these events. There is also the opportunity to take part in the YVAA Road Relays. For all these events we welcome runners of all standards as part of the team. While races are very competitive, runners of 35 to 80+ take part and from very slow to very fast. Everyone is given a warm welcome and supported by team mates and indeed opposing club teams. If demand is there we are always happy to put out multiple teams in team events so everyone can have a go.

Veteran racing is all about enjoyment and camaraderie. 

So if you’re over 35 and fancy having  a go at racing why not join us.

VETS NEWS. Every month Holmfirth Harriers veteran runners get sent a copy of Vets News by email, I also try to remember to post it on the website. If you are a Vet and don’t get it via email then let me know and I’ll add you to my contact list.

It has information about what our veteran members have done in the last month and also what is coming up in terms of veteran specific racing opportunities.


YVAA Multi-terrain Grand Prix Series in 2023

The YVAA multi-terrain Grand Prix races are a good place to start with the Vets; about 5 – 6 miles long they vary from almost pancake flat as at York to quite hilly (!!!), like our own from Neiley. For 2023  Registration for the Series will need to be done on line via the new YVAA website at www.yvaa.org. You will need to do this even if you only intend to run one race. You will also be able to pre-enter (and pay for) each individual race via the website. all entries will now be online, with no entries on the day. . Online entry will be £5

These events cater for all age ranges and abilities, from 35 to 80+. At most races there is also free food and a hot drink after the race. Prizes are given for all 5 year age ranges, depending on entry, with several spot prizes as well.

If anyone would like to try out these races  and would like a lift please see Rob (on the desk) at the club or by email. Details of all the races we compete in can be found at www.yvaa.org as well as from Rob and the Vets Notice Board at the Clubhouse.

YVAA also have a Facebook group which has up to the minute information.

At the time of writing (16/1/23) not many races are as yet confirmed but I will update this as more are confirmed. There can be anywhere from 7 to 10 events in the series but you just do as many as you can fit in/fancy.

Grand Prix events so far.

Event Host Club Venue Date
Race 1 Holmfirth Harriers Honley 23.04.23
Race 2 Kirkstall Harriers Kirkstall Abbey 23.05.23
Race 3 South Leeds Lakers Middleton Clearings 21.06.23
Race 4 Northowram Pumas Northowram 13.07.23
Race 5 Pudsey Pacers Post Hill 08.08.23
Race 6 Queensbury RC Littlemoor Park 03.09.23
Race 7 Ackworth RR Fitzwilliam Country Park 01.10.23

Race details and entry can be found at www.yvaa.org

YVAA Championships – 2023 Races

For those that prefer the road, there will be the usual 5K, 5-mile 10K, 10 mile, ½ M and M races as well. These are held within open events and as such the entry fee is just the entry for the event.

Again not many dates have been confirmed yet but so far we have our YVAA Road Champs witin the following.

Championship Venue Date
5k University of York Sports Village  13.10.23
5 Miles Bronte 5 01.06.23
10k Run Harrogate 10 02.07.23
10 Miles Tadcaster 19.11.23
Half Marathon Cancelled 03.09.23
Marathon Cancelled TBC

The YVAA Road Relays on Sunday June 4th, in which we will be looking to enter at least one team (more if possible) in each of the age groups F35 +, F45+, F55+, M35+, M40+, M50+, M60+ and M70+ teams (teams of three), will be from Cartworth Moor Cricket club so right on your doorstep. We are quite happy to enter 2nd and 3rd teams (or even more) in an age group if we can get runners willing to run for the club.

There will also be the usual CC Championships (The 2023 YVAA CC Champs will be on Sunday 12th March, based at Beverley Racecourse), T&F Championships and Fell Championships.

All standards welcome. Come and be part of the team.



I am sure there will be those of you that have run your best 5 year age group time during the last year, perhaps at the recent club events or a virtual event. Please look at the spreadsheets by clicking on the links. If you have and PB’s for a 5 year age group that would come in the top ten, then please let me know details (Race distance / event, date, age when ran and your time).

Updated November 2022

Rob Kersey

Rob Kersey
Vets Secretary, Honorary Life Member

Rob Kersey

Vets Secretary, Honorary Life Member
Rob Kersey

Vets Events coming up:

YVAA Cross Country Championship
March 24, 2024
This an event for all runners 35 years or older. We need to you to be part of the team

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YVAA Grand Prix

YVAA 5 mile Championships / Bronte 5

YVAA Half Marathon Championships / Major Stone Half Marathon

YVAA Fell Championship / Cop Hill Fell Race

YVAA Road Relays

YVAA Cross Country Championship

Vets News

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YVAA Cross Country Championship
March 24, 2024
This an event for all runners 35 years or older. We need to you to be part of the team

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