Holmfirth Harriers would not exist without the help of dozens of volunteers who give up their free time for the benefit of the wider membership – and it’s hugely appreciated! Volunteer roles include coaches, officials, and run leaders, as well as race organisers and race-day support. If you’re interested in getting involved then please get in touch using the form on this page. The club will support you with any training required to fulfil the role, provide mentoring throughout, and cover any course costs. 

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Leader in Running Fitness (LiRF)


Holmfirth Harriers is a large and active club which provides for a wide variety of running abilities and interests. As such, we have a lot of different training groups, each of which requires a Run Leader. 

Run Leaders are responsible for leading training groups on the different pre-determined set routes we run on around the Holme Valley. They lead warm-ups/cool downs, keep group members motivated, and ensure that everyone stays together, 

All of our Run Leaders hold the Leader in Running Fitness (LiRF) qualification, which is designed to prepare Run Leaders so that they can provide a safe and enjoyable running experience for people over 12 years of age, regardless of ability or fitness. It is not a coaching qualification, but it does provide an entry pathway towards coaching qualifications should this wish to be pursued.

How Is The Course Delivered?

The course consists of four online self-guided learning modules:

  • Individual Centred Leading and the Role of the Leader
  • Running Fitness Session Content
  • Performance Factors, Energy Systems and their Application
  • The Role of the Leader in Injury Avoidance


The modules use a variety of learning activities including videos and interactive tasks, and can take about four hours to complete.

The online modules are followed by a recorded practical session and a ‘virtual classroom’ with the course tutor. Should there be enough candidates then these two elements can be delivered together in-person at Neiley Pavilion over a 3-hour session. 

Alongside completing these elements of the course, candidates will also complete online training modules covering Safeguarding and First Aid, as well as undertaking a DBS check.

How Will The Club Support Me?

The club will establish realistic timescales within which to complete the online modules, before accommodating the practical session at Neiley Playing Fields. Candidates will also be invited to join a group chat where experiences, ideas, and encouragement can be shared, and mentoring from experienced coaches will be available at all stages of the process. Not only this – all expenses will also be met by the Club!

Officiating Qualifications



Officiating athletics is fun, flexible, educational, and great for mental and physical health. It also gives you the chance to make lots of great memories and friendships along the way. As they are right at the heart of events, Officials can be the friendly smile, the encouraging voice, and the supporting influence to inspire and encourage the next generation of people to progress within the sport.

There are many roles available within the different disciplines of athletics (click the link for more detail):


How Are The Courses Delivered?

All of the courses can be delivered either virtually or in-person. If face-to-face delivery is preferred then this will be accommodated at Neiley Pavilion, as part of a group if there is sufficient interest within the club.


Candidates must be 14 or over for the Assistant Track and Field Official’s course, and 16 or over for all other courses.

The Assistant Track and Field Official’s course and the Field Official’s course last 4 hours. All other courses last 2.5 hours.

Once the course has been completed, candidates must also gain experience by attending at least four licensed events.. Online training modules covering Safeguarding and First Aid must also be completed, as well as a DBS check.

How Will The Club Support Me?

The Club will provide mentoring from an experienced Official who will be on hand to provide support and encouragement. We will also invite you along to some of the licensed meetings that we attend where you can see for yourself what officials do and gain experience first-hand.

As well as meeting all course costs, the Club will also support you if you wish to take your officiating journey further and gain qualifications at a higher level.


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