Changes to Virtual Races

Hello to all Holmfirth Harriers,

Given the present pandemic situation and the controversy over how far and by what method you can travel to exercise, it has been decided to ask members not to travel  by car to get to any of the virtual events organised by the club.

In order to keep within the government guidelines, while still allowing the events to go ahead, we have modified the rules for each event.

In general we have changed the rules to:

  1. a) allow members  to start and finish the events from their door or a short warm up distance away, and
  2. b) extended the closing date to hopefully allow time for restrictions to ease, hence allowing those further away to travel.

Please look at the individual events on the website to see the new rules in each case:


  1. Virtual Club 5. Clark has decided to postpone this event till later in the year when travel to Neiley will again be allowed, wherever you live.
  2. The Little Tinker. This should only be done if you are within a warm up jog of any point on the course. No car travel to the starting point.

The race should be run in the basic anticlockwise loop, as given by the points to visit list, but members can use anywhere on the course as  their start and finish point.

We have also extended the completion date to the end of March.

  1. Scored Virtual Running Challenge.
  2. a) All runs should start and finish from your own house and therefore not involve transport to get to a start point.
  3. b) We will limit the maximum time for a run to 2 hours. Hopefully this will increase, if conditions allow, later in the year.
  4. c) You no longer have to visit Neiley on a run.
  5. d) There is no closing date , we will carry this on throughout the year or until things return to pre-pandemic conditions.

This should ensure that members should stay within a distance of 5 or 6 miles of their house, since they have to get back within the maximum 2 hours.

If conditions improve such that restrictions are eased or lifted we would then allow progressively longer runs.



Rob Kersey

HH President

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