Scored Virtual Running Challenge

31 December , 2021

This event has passed this year! See you next year. Don't forget to check for photos and results.
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Add to Calendar December 31, 2021 00:00 Holmfirth Harriers Event:
EVENT UPDATE: NB Please follow ALL covid rules on exercising and travelling to start exercise.


Listed below are a large number of check points  with a score attached to each. They form a series of radiating circles with our Club House, Neiley Pavilion, at the centre. Check points closest to Neiley score the fewest points those furthest or most difficult to get to score the most.

Your challenge is to work out how to amass the greatest number of points in the time you have chosen.

With the current Covid rules we are restricting your running to up to either 1 or 2 hours starting and finishing  from your home, as restrictions lift we will be able to add to the distance and range options:

1 hour

2 hours


  1. You must start and finish from your home.
  2. You may use roads, or foot paths or cross country or a mixture. Please observe highway and country codes at all times.
  3. You run must be one continuously timed run.
  4. It must be inside the time frame you pick. No point deductions for finishing early, but you will LOSE 5 POINTS FOR EVERY WHOLE 5 MINUTE PERIOD you go over your selected time. i.e. 0-4.59 minutes over no penalty. 5 - 9.59 minutes over -5 point. 10 minutes over -10. 15 minutes over -15 and so on.
  5. Have as many attempts as you like, try different times and different strategies. You must start from home and try near check point bagging, you can amass nearly 50 points by visiting all 1 and 2 scores. Or maybe try collecting all the 5 pointers, or 10 pointers. Or if you live near a big score check point bag that one. It is entirely up to you. Good planning before you set off is the secret. If you are training for a marathon you have some purposeful long run routes here. Premium Strava users can plot their routes on computer before hand, The Ordinance Survey paid for app is also good, there are others.
  6. This Challenge is currently open ended.
  7. Like the previous Virtual Championship please register before you enter a route and score.
  8. When you enter a route and score you will be asked to indicate your route by entering the numbers of the check points you have visited. We also need a s
  9. Strava link or screenshot of your route. Please send screen shots to

So to recap: Start and finish from your home.

Having chosen a time you MUST stick to it.

You must stay inside your chosen run time on each attempt. Penalties if you run over.




Name of checkpoint Score
1 Neiley club house New Mill Rd Honley HD9 6QE 1
2 Smithy Bridge Brockholes 1
3 Brockholes war memorial Brockholes la 1
4 Honley High School Gate 1 station Rd Honley HD9 6QJ 1
5 Honley Railway station HD9 6LR 1
6 White Bridge Magdale HD9 6QZ 2
7 Junction of Park la, Hanging Stone Rd and Robin Hill 2
8 The Roundabout Honley 2
9 Armitage Bridge 2
10 Holmfirth High School Hey Rd Holmfirth HD9 7SE 2
11 Rose and Crown Pub Thurstonland HD4 6XU 2
12 Devour Luke la Thongsbridge HD9 7TB 2
13 Golden Cock Pub Farnley Tyas HD4 6UD 2
14 New Mill Post Office New Mill HD9 7JU 2
15 Holme Valley Camping and Caravan Pk ThongsBr HD9 7TD 2
16 Holmfirth Police Station Huddersfield Rd Holmfirth 2
17 Entrance to Hey La cemetery HD4 6TX 2
18 Thongsbridge,  top of Miry La 2
19 Londis Shop Town Gate Netherthong HD9 3XZ 2
20 Recreation Ground Meltham Rd Honley 2
21 Brockholes Railway station HD9 7BG 2
22 Berry Brow Railway station Berry Brow HD4 7LP 2
23 Wooldale Coop Wooldale rd HD9 1QJ 2
24 The Greenway Honley HD9 6NQ 2
25 Hinchliff’s Farm Shop Netherton Moor Rd HD4 7LE 2
26 Stone Yard Woodhead Rd Honley HD9 6PW 2
27 Victoria Tower Castle Hill 5
28 Bottom of Hanson La, Meltham Rd Lockwwod 5
29 The Star Pub 7 Albert Street Hudds HD1 3PJ 5
30 Newsome Post Office 386 Newsome Rd HD4 6LR 5
31 Storthes Hall entrance Storthes Hall La Kirkburton HD8 0WA 5
32 Thunder Br HD8 0PX 5
33 Holmbridge Cricket Ground Woodhead Rd Holmbridge HD9 2NQ 5
34 Huddersfield Sail club Bowshaw Whams HD9 1RA 5
35 Scholes Post Office St Georges Rd Scholes HD9 1UQ 5
36 Digley Reservoir 5
37 Blackmoorfoot Reservoir, Reservoir Side Rd HD7 5JW 5
38 Healey House, top of Crosland Factory La, HD4 7DZ 5
39 Sand House, Blackmoorfoot Rd HD4 7AE 5
40 Shelley High School Huddersfield Rd Shelley HD8 8NL 5
41 Almondbury Post Office, Town End Almondbury HD5 8RT 5
42 Ravensknowle Park HD5 8DL 10
43 Lepton Primary School Station Rd Fenay Bridge HD8 0DE 10
44 Shepley Post Office 8 Station Rd Shepley HD8 8AA 10
45 Birdsedge First School Penistone Rd HD8 8XR 10
46 Ingbirchworth Reservoir Horn la, Ingbirchworth 10
47 Dunford Br S36 4TE 10
48 Hade Edge Band Room Greaves Rd Hade Edge HD9 2AQ 10
49 Snailsden Edge Trig point 15
50 Farm shop café 1a Bolster Moor Rd  HD7 4JU 15
51 Black Hill trig Point 20
52 Butterley  Reservoir any part 20
53 Scammonden Reservoir any part 20
54 Kirkheaton United Church New Rd Kirkheaton HD5 0HR 20
55 Meltham Convenience Store New Mills Meltham HD9 4EJ 5
56 2 The Cobbles Morrisons Meltham HD9 5QR 5
57 25 Hanson Rd Meltham HD95LR 10
58 Deer Hill Reservoir any part 10
59 Waves 5 Upper Mills Canal Side Slaithwaite HD7 5HA 10
60 Wessenden Head Reservoir any part 15


General notes on the check points:

We have given you post codes wherever they are available to aid your planning.

Wherever you see ‘Something’ Bridge on its own it means a Bridge.

On some of the reservoirs, I am allowing you to choose which part of the reservoir you access, to give you greater route flexibility.

We are assuming everybody knows how to find Smithy Place and Bridge, Brockholes war memorial,  Victoria Tower so no help there!

Finally, please run in covid compliant ways whatever the current rules are. Please look out for members of the public they have have as much right to the pavements and foot paths as we do.

Good Luck

Phil Hanson

Checkpoint run – how many checkpoints can you visit in the time allowed?

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