Little Tinker

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31 March , 2021

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Add to Calendar March 31, 2021 23:59 Holmfirth Harriers Event:
EVENT UPDATE: NB Please follow ALL covid rules on exercising and travelling to start exercise.


A new 'virtual' trail race for HHAC members, taking place in the rough area of the legendary Tinker Cup. This can be completed any time up to the end of March 2021.
Owing to the latest Covid-19 restrictions and, the present pandemic situation and the controversy over how far and by what method you can travel to exercise, it has been decided to ask members not to travel  by car to get to any of the virtual events organised by the club.

We have changed the rules to:

  1. allow members  to start and finish the events from their door or a short warm up distance away and
  2. extended the closing date to hopefully allow time for restrictions to ease, hence allowing those further away to travel.
  1. For the Little Tinker Cup, this should only be done if you are within a warm up jog of any point on the course. No car travel to the starting point.  The race should be run in the basic anticlockwise loop, as given by the points to visit list, but members can use anywhere on the course as their start and finish point.
This route measures 10.8km approx and has 375m of climb, according to Strava. It’s highly recommended that you run this route BEFORE you race it to get to know the paths.
You may choose your own route variations between points, if you think you can find a better one to that shown, but MUST use footpaths, bridleways or sections of road and MUST visit, in the following order:
Maps are 1:25000 SE 10/11 for first two points and Outdoor Leisure 1, Dark Peak Area for all other points.
Remember you can now use any point on the route as your start / finish point. Please note a change of course at checkpoint 5 and 9.
  • Start and finish at the back of Honley Cricket Club ( GR 140 116)
  • Cross Oldfield Rd (GR 141 108)
  • Cricketers Pub ( GR 139 099)
  • 2nd path junction just South of drained dam GR 12950955. Take great care crossing Moor Lane
  • Path junction onto lane GR 132093
  • Wolfstones Height Trig Point (GR 124 091)
  • Carr Farm (GR 126 089)
  • Footbridge (GR 130 088)
  • Acute path junction onto lane leading round farm below GR 13250910
  • Holt Lane End (GR 140 087)
  • Netherfields' Oval (GR 140 093)
  • Cricketers (GR 139 099)
  • Honley Cricket Club (GR 140 116)
Deadline: 31st March 2021
Please contact Roger Bradley with any queries.
A new ‘virtual’ trail race for HHAC members, taking place in the rough area of the legendary Tinker Cup. You can complete any time up to the end of March 2021.

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