Club Road Championship

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Championship details:

The new road secretaries, Helen Beaumont and Heidi O’Shea, are excited to provide details of the 2021 Club Road Championships.

As in previous years, the road championship consists of a mixture of road races from 5km to half marathon in distance. For each race, points are awarded based on finishing position relative to other club runners, with there being an overall winner for male and female categories. This year the series will start on Sunday 2nd May with the Club 6 and finish with the Ribble Valley 10km taking place at the end of December. Details of each race and how to enter are at the foot of this page.

New for 2021, we will be awarding a Local Race Prize for those who compete in the most local races; these prizes are not based on finishing position but simply participating.  So, if you are new to road racing, this is a great way to start!

Please do not forget:

  • To qualify for points, you must enter each race under Holmfirth Harriers, otherwise your finishing position will not count as we will not be able to find your result!
  • There is a male and female championship. In each race the points will be awarded based on finishing position relative to other club runners (if it is based on time this will be taken from the gun and not chip time).
  • The points format is as follows:
    • 25 points are awarded to the first club runner back.
    • 20 points to the second club runner back.
    • 18 to the third club runner back, and then descending by one point for each position down to 1.
    • All runners will receive a minimum of 1 point i.e. if you were the 28th club runner back then you will still take away a point.
  • All listed races count so the more you do the more points you will have.
  • If you run in the Club 5 mile, Club 6 mile and Club 10 mile races you will be awarded 10 bonus points for each race, an additional 10 bonus points will be awarded to anyone who runs all three Club races.
  • In the event of a tie, places will be determined by the most points accumulated over the least races.
  • Eligible races for participation in the Local Race Prize will be:
    • Club 5 mile,
    • Club 6 mile,
    • Club 10 mile,
    • Shepley 10km, and
    • Lindley 10km.

For further details on the 12 individual races included please see the "Events in this Championship" section below.


Events in this Championship

2 May, 2021
17 June, 2021
6 July, 2021
11 July, 2021
8 August, 2021
20 August, 2021
5 September, 2021
12 September, 2021
17 October, 2021
7 November, 2021
27 December, 2021

Club Road Championship Photos

Towneley 5k 2021
Towneley 5k 2021
Towneley 5k 2021
Towneley 5k 2021
Towneley 5k 2021
Towneley 5k 2021
Club 5 2021
Club 5 2021
Club 5 2021
Club 5 2021
Club 5 2021