Club Road Championship

Championship details:

The races that make up the 2024 Road Championships are on the website.  Broadly similar to 2023, there will be a mixture of short (up to and including 10k) and long (over 10k) races.

Each Harrier needs to complete six races in total with the six best performances being taken into account.  Note that AT LEAST THREE races from the short or long category must be completed.

For each race, points are awarded based on finishing position relative to other club runners. The first Harrier back will receive 25 points, the second 23 points, the third 22 points and so on with the points descending by one for each position. All runners will receive a minimum of one point, so in the event that there are 24 or more Harriers taking part in an event, then those finishing in 24th or lower will receive one point each.

Bonus points will again be awarded for the Club 5, 6 and 10 mile races.

New for 2024 - bonus points will be awarded for the Northern Road Relays (and Nationals as appropriate)

There is a male championship, a female championship and an age-graded championship. In each race the points will be awarded based on finishing position relative to other club runners, using chip times where appropriate.

Age-grading of performances is based upon the tables produced by WMA, previously known as WAVA.

Only first claim members can compete in the Championship. All runners must state Holmfirth Harriers as their club when registering for each race, and club vests must be worn.

Running in the Road Championships is a great way to enjoy racing with your teammates, and I would strongly encourage all members - regardless of age or ability - to consider donning the amber vest and taking part. Good luck to all of you over the course of the year!


Current Standings


Men's Championship


Women's Championship


Age-Graded Championship



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