Virtual Club Championship 2020 – Weekly Update 5

Weekly Update 5 – 28th December

We are very close to the end of the very first Virtual Club Championship with 3 days of available running still to go. So, those of you that want to either post a time for an event you have not done, or if you just want to improve a time you have already posted, you need to get out there soon.

One of the prize categories is for those that have completed all 7 of the events. I feel these athletes need a special mention as, at the moment, there are just 7 of them. The intrepid seven are:-

  • Kevin Dessoy
  • Jon Burdon
  • Bob Dickinson
  • Paul Girdlestone
  • Karen Sinkinson
  • Becky Burdon
  • Nikki Crust

Anyone wishing to join them needs to get their skates on. For my part, I simply just can’t bring myself to tackle the two laps of the mudfest that is the Denis Stitt and will be settling for 6 out of 7!!

Just as a reminder, all times will be handicapped on completion of the events (31st December). The overall winner, based on the best 5 out of 7 events, will win a trophy. There will also be awards for the winners of each race, plus the best of those who posted a time in all 7 races. Again, all will be based on handicapped performances.

Links for both the results input and leader board’s are below:-

Relevant information to be aware of, in no particular order:-
  • If you run a race again and get a better time simply submit this and the leader board will be updated
  • The leader board’s will currently only show the time recorded on the day. Handicaps will be applied later in December to show the actual winners.
  • We accept that Strava can sometimes show slightly different distances for different people. Please try to stop your device on the actual distance or we may need to do some small adjustments.
  • On the 5k, the left turn going down Bradshaw Road is the row of terraced houses which has the “Private Road” sign on them. This is just before the Long Lane turn.
  • Be careful out there – it is autumn/winter and conditions are not ideal, particularly off road, with plenty water/mud/leaves around making for some slippy conditions.
  • The towpath for the 10k route is now fully open.

Also, don’t forget to drop me an email with any interesting stories, information or queries (


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