Virtual Club Championships 2020 – Results

The first Virtual Club Championships have now finished and we are delighted to announce the various winners.

But first, a few thanks you’s. To Deborah Clarke for verifying events on Strava, to Mike Hall & Kevin Dessoy for the weekly news updates and spreadsheet control, to John Ewart, Roger Bradley & Kath Farquar as handicappers and, not forgetting, Jon Burdon who initially came up with the concept and co-ordinated everyone along the way.

The last few days of December saw a flurry of activity as many athletes sought to either post times or improve earlier efforts. Phil Hanson & Diane Lee both did double races on the same day. Elaine Stewart went one better. Not only did she tackle Black Hill in the snow & ice, she then went on to have two goes at the 1,500 metres, rolling her ankle in the process. Great committment.

It was a really close contest with, in the end, only 5 points seperating the top 4 places in the race for the Overall Champion.

OK – so now on to the Roll of Honour. The Overall Champion is based on the best 5 out of 7 results (handicapped). There is a trophy and individual award for this. There are also individual awards for the 7 races seperately and one for the best athlete who completed all 7 races.

Bob Dickinson – Overall Champion

Dawn Berry – 1,500 metres
Natalie Shields – 5 km
Tracey Newman – 5 miles
Lisa Blackburn – 10 km
Bob Dickinson – Langsett Loop
Ruth Churchill Dower – Denis Stitt
Bob Dickinson – Black Hill
Becky Burdon – All To Count

The full results can be found in the Results section and also be clicking the Final Results tab below.

Final Results

Trophies/awards are currently being prepared and we will get these to the winners as soon as we can.

Many thanks once again to all who took part. I think it has been a really good addition to the club events, particularly at a time where racing has been very limited. A decision as to whether it becomes a regular feature in the Club calendar will be taken later in the year.


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