West Yorkshire Track and Field League – Fixture 4

West Yorkshire Track Field League

4th Fixture – Wednesday 21st June 2023 at Wakefield

21 Holmfirth Harriers of all ages made their way to Wakefield for the 4th fixture in the West Yorkshire League. Conditions were good for competing and this is reflected in the excellent performances of all our athletes. Everybody came away with at least 1 personal best and in some cases, they improved significantly on their previous marks. In total there were 33 personal bests! The juniors are growing in confidence and showing great maturity in how they prepare and compete in their events as well as cheering on their clubmates.

It’s been a good season so far and in the overall club standings we remain in 5th place – an improvement on last season. In the overall individual standings we have several athletes high up in their age categories and if they finish the season well they could be in line for individual honours.

Below is a breakdown of Holmfirth Harriers results, see the bottom for a link to the full meeting results.


U11 Girls:

75m: 9th Holly Kidger 12.30s PB; 10th Naya Hanson 12.36s PB; 16th Betsie Mayes 12.97s PB


U11 Boys:

600m:             2nd Henry McFarlane 1m 49.22s PB; 15th Arthur Gibbs 2m 11.10s PB

Long Jump:     4th Henry McFarlane 3.40m PB; 13th Arthur Gibbs 2.88m PB


U13 Girls:

80m:    4th Soraya Thomas 11.63s PB; 12th Anabelle McFarlane 12.41s PB; 15th Emily Coulson 12.74s PB; 17th Florence Gibbs 13.30 PB

Shot Put: 3rd Soraya Thomas 5.78m PB; 4th Emily Coulson 5.29m PB; 10th Florence Gibbs 4.76m PB; 17th Anabelle McFarlane 2.07m PB


U13 Boys:

800m:  6th Isaac Brooksbank 2m 41.85s PB

Discus: 3rd  Thomas Martindale 13.57m PB; 5th Isaac Brooksbank 12.94m PB


U15 Girls:

200m:  7th Chloe Law 28.23s PB; 14th Florence Jones 30.69s PB; 15th Maya Winter 30.85s

800m:  10th Isobel Coulson 2m 49.73s PB; 13th Florence Jones 2m 55.10 SB

Shot:    1st Chloe Law 7.95m PB; 9th Maya Winter 5.29m PB; 15th Isobel Coulson 3.97m PB


U15 Boys:

200m: 3rd Sam Standing 26.08s; 15th Joey McLaughlan 30.67s PB; 18th Jerome Mundakal 33.13s PB

Long Jump: 3rd Sam Standing 4.74m PB; 14th Joey McLaughlan 3.90m PB; 17th Jerome Mundakal 3.39m PB

800m: 13th Jerome Mundakal 2m 54.13s PB


Under 17 Ladies:

200m: 10th Sophie Mayes 29.84s PB

800m: 6th Sophie Mayes 3m 3.15s

Discus: 4th Sophie Mayes 17.22m PB


Under 20 Ladies:

200m: 2nd Eve Dutton 28.28s

800m:  2nd Eve Dutton 2m 58.94s PB

High Jump:1st Eve Dutton 1.20m PB


Senior Men:

200m: 1st Will Lander 23.41s

800m: 2nd Will Lander 2m 8.07s PB


Full meeting results: The 2023 West Yorkshire Track & Field League

(L-R) Naya Hanson and Betsie Mayes, Under 11 Girls

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