Parlauf Final 2023

Parlauf Final 2023 – Race Report

Tuesday 20th June 2023

After the frenetic and keenly contested heats of the previous week, the ten qualifying pairs lined up for the final on the evening of Tuesday 20th of June. The heavy rain of the morning the weather had thankfully changed to bright sunshine and the track had dried out.

It was pleasing to see a large number of supporters and spectators watching the action.

As the whistle to start sounded, with the more experienced runners starting with the baton, a mad dash to the first bend ensued followed by some chaotic change overs as the baton was passed onto the younger runners.

As the race settled there was a slight surprise as George Smith and Hollie Kidger set the early pace, as they had not been the leaders from the previous week.

The pairing of Florence Jones and Imogen Ward were leading the chase with the rest of the field closely packed behind them.

As the final reached the halfway mark George and Hollie had opened up a 50m lead as Helena Croft and her young partner John Hutton – Cornish started to move through the field to take up the chase.

As the race approached first whistle at 9 minutes the question was could George, who had the baton, keep going or would the fast finishing Helena, followed by Paul Sammonds and partner Otis Huscroft be able to reel them in.

Sam Williams and partner Harry Goddard, who had recorded the furthest in the heats, moved up to fourth but when the second whistle sounded with 30 seconds to go it seemed to spur George on and he held on for a stiring win.

Well done to not only all the finalists but to everyone who took part in the heats in this great event that encompasses all the club.

A big thank you to all the helpers with recording the laps, timekeeping etc but the biggest thank you is to Roger Bradley for spending a great deal of time and effort in setting out the courses on both evenings.

If you did not give it a go this year, speak to those who did and they will tell you what a great event this is and consider having a go next year, only 51 weeks to go.

The first three were:-

1. George Smith and Hollie Kidger

2. Helena Croft and John Hutton – Cornish

3. Paul Sammonds and Otis Huscroft

Full results to follow.


John McFadzean

George Smith and Hollie Kidger

George Smith and Hollie Kidger

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