Virtual Club Championship 2020 – Weekly Update 3

The first week in December has heralded a bit of the white stuff, and a noticeable drop off in temperatures. However it hasn’t stopped you hardy athletes from getting out there and posting some great performances.
Special mention this week goes to Katie Walshaw who knocked Brandon Holroyd off the top of the leader board for the 5 mile. Her time of just under 31 minutes was over a minute quicker than Brandon – gauntlet thrown down I think?! Brandon still tops the 1,500 metres & 5k though.
Those of you that ran some of the virtual races during the summer will remember one of the teams called The Lockdown Lindas. Well, the Lindas were at it again today giving the 5k route a good go. Well done to Debbie, Heidi, Naomi & Natalie – really good times as well.
Whilst the three road races remain the most popular we are starting to see some higher numbers for the trail & fell routes. The two most popular at the moment are the canal 10k (Slawit to Tunnel End) and the Langsett reservoir loop. A bit of advice for both of these runs. They are very popular as walking routes at the weekend so, if you can, a visit during the week will see you get a much quieter experience and, hopefully, a quicker time.
Links for both the results input and leader board’s are below:-


Relevant information to be aware of, in no particular order:-
  • If you decide to run one of the races and get a better time you are able to submit this and the leader board will be updated
  • The leader board’s will currently only show the time recorded on the day. Handicaps will be applied later in December to show the actual winners.
  • We accept that Strava can sometimes show slightly different distances for different people. Please try to stop your device on the actual distance or we may need to do some small adjustments.
  • On the 5k, the left turn going down Bradshaw Road is the row of terraced houses which has the “Private Road” sign on them. This is just before the Long Lane turn.
  • Be careful out there – it is autumn/winter and conditions are not ideal, particularly off road, with plenty water/mud/leaves around making for some slippy conditions.
  • The lock diversion at Marsden Station (10k) was due to be finished yesterday (27/11). I will pop down over the weekend to check this is the case and provide an update by Monday at the latest.

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