Vets’ News March ’24



YVAA Multi-terrrain Grand Prix

Sunday 28th April, Honley 10.30 (registration 9.00)

Time to get your entries in for this, the first of several races in the Grand Prix and hosted by Holmfirth Harriers so we need to get as many amber vests out as possible.

6 miles of field paths, tracks, woodland paths and tarmac in our own glorious ‘backyard’ with chip timing, tea and cakes!

Remember, you need to be over 35 and must register (for free) for the whole grand prix series and then can enter any of the individual races you like. ( )

We desparately need marshalls on the day so if you can’t run please volunteer by filling in the form on the website





Saddleworth Ten Res’s 2nd Mar

4th Tim Brook MV40 (2nd) 04:06:04
167th James Spencer MV60 (4th ) 06:56:56
248th Jo Robinson FV40 (20th) 08:18:16

Liversedge Half 3rd Mar

93rd Anthony Waring M50 (14th) 01:41:51
168th Ian Goulding M60 (10th) 01:52:48
334th Richard Whale M65 (11th) 02:32:42

Trafford 10K 3rd Mar

454th Damian McQueen M50 (13th) 37:28
513th Helena Croft F35 (11th) 38:53

Haweswater Half 3rd Mar

135th Michael Hall M60 (12th) 01:47:51

Ian Roberts Fell Race 3rd Mar

Great turnout of vets for the Ian Roberts Fell Race with stand out performances from Jonny Mclean and Rob Kersey; both first in their age categories. A solid F60 (2nd) for Barbara as well!

6th Jonny Mclean M40 (1st) 00:53:07
22nd Adam Sunderland M50 (6th) 00:58:41
23rd James Washington M40 (4th) 00:58:46
40th Gavin Baxter M50 (12th) 01:03:48
44th Andy Shortt M50 (15th) 01:05:12
45th Louis Cromwell M40 (11th) 01:05:33
48th Chris Beadle M50 (18th) 01:06:50
54th Sally Coldwell F40 (3rd) 01:08:14
60th Fran Whitworth F50 (3rd) 01:09:36
122nd Andrew Clarke M50 (30th) 01:24:20
101st Rob Kersey M70 (1st) 01:17:01
108th Paul Hadin M60 (11th) 01:18:19
109th Barbara Hinchcliffe F60 (2nd) 01:18:42
112th Diane Lee F40 (11th) 01:20:08
113th Debbie Hall F40 (12th) 01:20:36
138th Becky Burdon F40 (16th) 01:30:03

The Dentdale Run 9th Mar

4th  Helena Croft F35 (1st) 51.58 (7.9 mile)
5th James Washington M45 (1st) 51.59 (7.9 mile)
70th  Ian Goulding M60 (6th) 1:59:11 (14.2 mile)

Firefighters Duathlon 10th Mar

60th Helen Standing & Lorraine Smith FV40 (1st  team) 2:35:53

Trimpell 20 mile 10th Mar

260th Michael Hall MV60 2:56:54 PB
372nd Rachel Duce FV45 3:20:04 PB

Club 6 16th Mar

Superb runs by Damian McQueen (V50) in recording the fastest male time and Katie Walshaw (V35) the fastest female.

Results are here.

Wakefield Hospice 10K 19th Mar

133rd Louis Cromwell MV40 00:42:59
183rd Michael Tivers MV45 00:44:14
260th Sophie Cromwell FV35 00:46:54

North of England Road Relays 23rd Mar

Several vets took part in the relays and produced some solid times.

Katie Walshaw V35 00:29:45 8Km
Julia Jagger V40 00:16:49 4.5Km
Claire Leaver-Hewitt V40 00:18:13 4.5Km
Helena Croft V35 00:30:42 8Km
Sophie Cromwell V35 00:19:55 4.5Km
Liz Woodfield V45 00:19:58 4.5Km

Tim Brook V40 00:28:42 8Km
Gary Graham V55 00:16:54 4.5Km
Phil Hewitt V35 00:16:43 4.5Km
James Washington V40 00:29:45 8Km
Neil Dutton V50 00:18:08 4.5Km
Julian Rose V60 00:17:42 4.5Km
Adam Sunderland V50 00:17:14 4.5Km
Kevin Dessoy V60 00:17:53 4.5Km
Gary Putnam V40 00:18:52 4.5Km

Wilmslow Half 24th Mar

Several fantastic PBs here but kudos has to go to our very own Road Secretary, Kevin Dessoy who not only ran a PB (after competing in the Road Relays the day before) but also took the top spot in the club’s Vet 60 Half Marathon record book by nearly 5 minutes!

141st Paul Sammonds MV35 01:20:07 PB
278th Kevin Dessoy MV60 (1st) 01:25:36 PB
557th Matthew Rose MV50 01:34:52
1015th Michael Hall MV60 01:45:05 PB
1935th Andrew Clarke MV55 01:58:30
1936th Deborah Clarke FV50 01:58:30

Heptonstall Fell Race 24th Mar

12th Tim Brook M40 2:09:31
17th Jonny Mclean M40 2:13:19
22nd Philip Wilson M40 2:19:07
103rd Sally Coldwell W40 2:52:27
132nd Keith Baird M50 3:00:03
143rd Fran Whitworth W50 3:06:34
154th Philip Hobbs M50 3:09:55
158th David Milton M50 3:11:43
177th Diane Lee W40 3:18:19
195th Jon Burdon M40 3:25:42
198th Stefanie Dickinson W40 3:26:49

3rd Female Team & 3rd Male team

YVAA Cross Country Champs 24th Mar


2nd Joanne Jones F45 (2nd) 20:45

25th Debbie Hall F45 (5th) 26:48
31st Janet Foreman F55 (5th) 27:43
37th Helen Pettit F55 (6th) 28:16
42nd Rob Kersey M70 (8th) 28:29
48th Noreen Edery F70 (2nd) 28:43
51st Jean Shotter F60 (9th) 29:06
56th Martin Seddon M70 (10th) 30:28
67th Howard Thornton M70 (12th) 32:24

F45-54 Team 2nd place

F55-64 Team 3rd place

M70+ Team 3rd place


33rd Adam Sunderland M50 (4th) 44:26
58th Tom Edwards M45 (15th) 47:26
67th Simon Platts M45 (16th) 48:45
77th Leighton Moxon M35 (5th) 50:44
119th Mark Henderson M60 (16th) 61:16
133rd Alastair Watt M55 (17th) 69:04

Rob Kersey powering to 1st Vet 70 at the Ian Roberts Fell Race

Great teamwork from Helen and Lorraine (Firefighters' Duathlon)

Noreen floating up the hills to take 2nd F70 at the YVAA XC Champs

Jonny Mclean flying high on his way to 1st Vet 40 at the Ian Roberts

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