The Antarctica Ice Marathon

I had previously done 116 marathons, but none could in any way measure up to this one – The Antarctica Ice Marathon!
I have been trying to bag my 7th continent since 2019, but problem after problem scuppered my attempts. Then three weeks ago I was told there was space on THE, yes THE, one and only Antarctica Ice Marathon; one of only two marathons that take place on mainland Antarctica, and the most southerly marathon in the world.
It was an incredibly frantic couple of weeks, not least because my bank was very concerned about me wanting to make a one off payment of $19500 to a company. Mmm! Let’s face it, it was a bit of an implausible story – 69 year old grandma of four says she is wanting to pay to do a marathon in Antarctica. Oh and it’s in three weeks time, and no she had never had contact with the firm before. They were convinced I was being scammed; probably had dementia; and was being manipulated to believe what was the craziest of stories they had heard in a long time. It took days to sort out. And that was before buying equipment, booking flights and finding hotels.
But on the 13 December, I did it, I really did it! I completed the IceMarathon! Oldest woman ever! Now that is what I really call crazy!😂😂
– Chris Hobson

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