Liversedge Half Marathon 2023

Race Day: Sunday 13th February 2023

On a grey cold but no wind Sunday morning and for this course that means it was perfect as normally it’s a windy rain lashing sort of course 6 Harriers turned out for the undulating half marathon that is Liversedge.

Tony was first Harrier home with an impressive 1:34:55 , amazing running.

Bob and I quote ‘ that went better than expected , all those weekly wolves runs struggling up hills are perfect preparation for stuff like this , thanks guys ‘ . 1:42:15

First Lady home for the Harriers was Becky who has ended up feeling quite chuffed with herself as she has knocked a massive 10 minutes plus off her PB for this course whoop whoop 2:02:56

Then it was myself and this was my longest run since August and the first time using the Jeff Galloway method of Run walk Run. I chose to do every mile as my marker and walk 30 seconds and whilst not my fastest half I definitely feel it’s going to give me my quickest marathon ( hopefully) 2:12:50

Alison wasn’t far behind and in her words took it nice and steady and did the whole thing without walking 🙂 . In my eyes on that course that’s an achievement 2:17:28

Then it was down to the incredible Big Fish aka Richard whose aim was to run it without walking and of course he did and to fetch all the Harriers home safely and even had roaring support from us for the last 100yds . I even had a cup of tea and cake waiting for him 2:30:47

Sorry Bob that you aren’t on the group photo but we did shout out BOB very loudly to the crowd to see if we could see you 🙁


Tracey Newman

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