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At the recent Holmfirth Harriers Committee Meeting it was decided that from Tuesday 14th September, start times for ALL training groups on Tuesday and Thursday training from the club will revert to 7.00pm. We realize that we have had groups starting from as early as 5.30pm through to 7.10pm and that a 7.00pm start will not suit everyone, but feel that we need to try and get the club together once more and reverting to a 7.00pm start is the best way to do this.

The club will be open from 6.30pm and members are asked to arrive between 6.30pm and 6.50pm for a 7.00pm start. I would like to be able to lock up by 9.00pm so please try to clear the car park by then. Changing room and showers are open, so if you are staying for a shower be back in time to still be able to leave by 9.00pm. In an emergency when you find you will not be back in time please ring me or leave a message – mobile number 07421 906728. I will always check for messages on my phone if there are cars still in the car park at 9.00pm.

Please gather in the hall back in the areas designated by the wall signs for your groups i.e. Pumas, Tigers, Jackals, Wolves, and with the fastest speed training group as Cheetahs. Phil Hanson’s Speed and Stamina group please gather around the tables along the right hand wall (as you enter the hall). It is important that you do this so that I, or whoever is on the Welcome Desk in the entrance, can quickly and easily find the different groups when we are integrating a new member.

From October the 12th we have decided to reinstate signing in for Track and Trace purposes. You will find a notebook on a table under your group sign in the hall (one for each of Pumas, Tigers, Jackals, Wolves, Alwyn’s speed group and Phil Hanson’s Speed and Stamina group. Please print your name under the relevant date. 

Juniors will also start at 7.00pm and should gather at the far end of the hall near the emergency exit.

At 7.00pm there will be a few short announcements and then groups will be released for their runs.

If you train in a group that is split into two parts e.g. Tigers, Jackals, Wolves then the slower group should be allowed at LEAST a 5 minute start before being followed by the faster group. The whole point of this is to allow members to swap to the faster or slower group when the two groups merge/pass.

With the number of confirmed Covid-19 infections still rising, and the fact that we will be a very mixed age group in the hall, we will require all adult members to wear masks when in the hall. It would be sensible and considerate if all older juniors (teenagers) also wore masks.

This will mean you will need a bag, pocket or similar in which to put it when you go for your run.

It is hoped by taking this precaution we will keep our members safe and not have to go back to staggered starts or closures again.

A Few General Reminders.

  1. We will be starting winter runs (on the roads) from Tuesday 7th September. This means that you need to wear a reflective vest or jacket. Head torches and flashing red arm bands are worn by many but not compulsory.
  2. Parents/Carers of juniors are reminded that all juniors must go straight into the hall on arrival (not on the field or anywhere outside). Juniors must also be collected at the end of the session. Junior coaches will not be available to look after your children once the session is over so please return to collect them about 5 minutes before the end of the session.
  3. The  early group  led by Claire Leader will be able to go early but the club building will not be open till 6.30 pm

Let’s hope this is the start of “normalising” our club nights.

Regards to all,

Rob Kersey
Club President

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