Ex-Presidents last Ramblings!

The last Rambling of your (Ex) President!

September 2022

Well, my three-year term of President that stretched to over 5 years has come to an end and you now have Helen Haigh as President, our first female President as well. I am sure she will do an excellent job and I will continue to offer any support needed.

Presidents are now elected on a 3-year tenure, renewable subject to both the incumbents and Committees agreement, so Helen, being a relative youngster still, may serve several terms. The AGM is of course an opportunity for members to get involved in the running of the club taking over roles that become vacant due to people retiring from a role. This year we have a new Men’s Captain, Michael Sanderson (formally Road Secretary) and a new Road Secretary, Kevin Dessoy. Please show your support by volunteering for teams and taking part in events. They are for everybody not just the faster runners.

When I was first approached to take on the role of President in, I think 2010 or 11, I was still very much working full time, at over 50 hours a week, at Cliffe House, so decided I couldn’t give the job the time required. By the time I was asked again in 2016/17 I was approaching 70 so hence my agreement, provided I did only one 3-year term. Covid obviously interfered with that hence my extended term.

I have never been a natural extrovert, life and sole of any party type (some might say socially inept!) but have always preferred to get things done quietly in the background. This has been the case during my tenure, I have always tried to be approachable to all and take on what I could in the admin of the club.

You may have noticed I have been trying to off load some of my other roles at the club recently, Andy Hauser and Jean Shotter have taken over the Holme Moss Fell Race and after this year I will be looking to find someone to replace me as Vets Secretary and Holmfirth Harriers YVAA Vets Race organiser (could be two different people). I have done these for nearly 20 years, so time someone else took on the roles. Any offers of interest let me know.

I will be continuing to sit on the Welcome Desk in the entrance to Neiley on club training nights, when not away and hope to be back running soon. I will also be carrying on with my role in YVAA, (Secretary, Chairman, CC Champs co-ordinator and procurer of trophies) so I won’t be giving up or disappearing entirely!

Finally, I was presented with a tankard by John Buckingham at the AGM. I was so surprised that I feel I did not offer proper thanks, so please, to all those involved, please accept my sincere thanks now.

I wish everyone continued good health, excellent running in the remainder of 2022, 2023 and indeed the future.

Regards to all,


Rob Kersey

Ex Club President

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