West Yorkshire Track and Field League – Meeting 2

West Yorkshire Track & Field League

Meeting 2 Wednesday 10th May 2023 at Wakefield

A massive well done to all the Holmfirth Harriers who attended the second fixture of the West Yorkshire Track and Field League – including the parents and officials for what turned out to be a long evening! We had 16 athletes competing at this meeting across the full range of events and age groups and everyone came away with at least a season’s best performance. As a club we accumulated even more points to consolidate our position in 5th place out of the competing clubs. On an individual basis we have some athletes featuring highly on the leader board within their categories.

Below is a breakdown of just the Holmfirth Harriers results in age category order. For the full meeting results and the current league standings please see the link at the end:

Club Points: 134, currently we are in 5th position out of 20 participating clubs.

U11 Boys:

600m:              1st Henry McFarlane 1m 50.0s PB; 22nd Arthur Gibbs 2m18.2s PB

Shot Put:         23rd Henry McFarlane 2.84m PB; 24th Arthur Gibbs 2.71m PB


U13 Girls:

80m:                11th Anabelle McFarlane 12.5s PB; 18th Florence Gibbs 13.6s PB;

150m:              9th Anabelle McFarlane 23.61s PB; 17th Florence Gibbs 25.95s PB

Discus:            4th Florence Gibbs 12.74m PB; 10th  Anabelle McFarlane 9.68m PB


U13 Boys:

80m:                3rd Isaac Brooksbank 12.2s; 6th Thomas Martindale 12.5s

150m:             4th Isaac Brooksbank 23.48s PB

Shot Put:         4th  Isaac Brooksbank 5.04m PB


U15 Girls:  

200m:              7th Chloe Law 29.14s SB; 13th Maya Winter 30.58s PB

800m:              11th Florence Jones 2m 56.0s SB; 13th Isobel Coulson 2m 59.2s SB;

Long Jump:     3rd Chloe Law 4.16m; 9th Florence Jones 3.54m; 14th Maya Winter 3.20 PB; 20th Isobel Coulson 2.70m PB


U15 Boys:

200m:              3rd Sam Standing 25.66s PB; 20th Joe Varley 33.00s PB; 24th Jerome Mundakal 34.11s PB

800m:             12th Joe Varley 2m 56.5s PB; 14th Jerome Mundakal 2m 58.5s PB

High Jump:      2nd Sam Standing 1.45m PB;


U17 Boys:

1500m:            4th Jack Sunderland 4m 49.2s SB


Under 20 Women:

200m:              3rd Eve Dutton 29.07s SB

Long Jump:     1st Eve Dutton 4.04m PB


Senior Men:

200m:              1st Will Lander 23.71s SB


Full meeting results:

The 2023 West Yorkshire Track & Field League (wakefield-harriers.co.uk)

Jerome Mundakal Under 15 Boys 200m

Eve Dutton Under 20 Ladies Long Jump

Henry McFarlane Under 11 Boys 600m

Sam Standing Under 15 Boys 200m

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