Vets’ News Jan ’24

A new year, a new race calendar and a new vets’ secretary

Firstly, as I take on the mantle of Veterans’ secretary, on behalf of the club, I would like to say a huge thanks to Rob Kersey for his unbending commitment to the role for the past 18 years or so. They will be very big shoes to fill but anyone who has seen my trail shoes* will know I have a chance!

*Hoka Tennines


YVAA Cross Country Championships

Sunday 24th March, Penistone Showground

So…one of my first jobs is to enlist an ocean of amber oldies to make as many teams as possible for the YVAA Cross Country Champs. I’ve particularly enjoyed the camaraderie of this race in the past and it would be great to get teams of 3 out  in all the categories (35,40,45,50,55,60,65,70+)

5K for F45+, F55+, F65+ and M70+ (12pm)

10K for F35, M35, M40, M50, M60 and M65 (1.20pm)

If you are interested please email (, WhatsApp/text (07702434265) or tell me, old-school, face to face your name, age category and date of birth and I will enter you.


There is also an All to Count shield (5 runners to count) so all abilities can have an impact!


YVAA Multi-terrrain Grand Prix

Sunday 28th April, Honley

Please put this date in your diaries as we will be hosting the race (one of several in the Grand Prix). More info to follow regarding marshalling and help on the day. Remember, you need to register (for free) for the whole grand prix series and then can enter any of the individual races you like. ( )



Yorkshire Cross Country Championships Sat 6th Jan

A lovely crisp day at lightwater Valley, Ripon. Not too muddy but the usual short, sharp climbs. Lots of vets out representing the club and incredible support from our club’s spectators. It felt like we got a shout on every corner. A superb bronze medal for the women’s team, three of whom were vets!


7th           Katie Walshaw                  (FV35)   33.22

20th         Julia Jagger                       (FV40)   35.25

35th         Claire Leaver-Hewitt       (FV40)   37.36

41st         Joanne Jones                     (FV45)   38.16


73rd        Paul Sammonds             (V35)     42.28

87th         Phil Hewitt                     (V35)     43.29

107th      Adam Sunderland          (V50)     45.50

111th      Damian McQueen           (V50)     46.10

118th      James Washington         (V45)     46.47

124th      Jonathan Sykes               (V60)     47.28

136th      Chris Beadle                     (V50)     48.28

152nd      Mark Wilson                    (V40)     50.50

Central Lancs Half Marathon Sun 7th Jan

Michael Hall                        01: 47:12                              5th V60

Stanbury Splash Sun 14th Jan

It was an ideal winter’s day, the ground was mostly firm from a hard overnight frost, with clear skies and only a light breeze for the 205 seniors that took part in this year’s Soreen Stanbury Splash race.

10th          Tim Brook                         MV40    0:51:17

32nd         Michael Sanderson         MV35      56:42

35th         Adam Sunderland            MV50    0:57:55

65th         Chris Beadle                      MV50    1:02:55

66th         Joanne Jones                    FV40      1:03:06

72nd        Gavin Baxter                      MV50    1:03:51

74th         Mark Wilson                      MV40    1:04:10

80th         Sally Coldwell                    FV40      1:05:01

97th          Andy Shortt                       MV50    1:07:08

108th        Philip Hobbs                      MV50    1:08:25

137th         Jon Burdon                        MV40    1:14:05

157th         Stefanie Dickinson           FV40      1:19:38

167th         Mark Henderson              MV60    1:22:51

165th         Becky Burdon                    FV40      1:22:26

170th         Rob Kersey                         MV70    1:23:33

190th         Richard Whale                  MV60    1:32:00

Trigger Sun 14th Jan

Entrants navigate their way from Marsden, over Black Hill, Bleaklow and Kinder to Edale visiting three trig points on route. The linear route is measured at 21 miles with 1650m climb.

90th       Robert Dickinson              MV50                    05:02:18

93rd       Tom Edwards                     MV40                    05:03:10

Montane Winter Spine Race

The Montane Winter Spine is widely regarded as Britain’s Most Brutal endurance race. It’s a non-stop, 268 mile race along the most iconic and demanding national trail in Britain; the Pennine Way. Beginning from Edale in Derbyshire, runners have a time limit of 168 hours to reach the elusive village of Kirk Yetholm in the Scottish Borders. You will climb over 10,000 meters as the route crosses some of the most beautiful but difficult terrain found in England.

David Milton      MV55    166:21:48

Masters GP indoor 3km Sheffield 20th Jan

1st           Gary Graham                     MV55                    10:40.82

Hoofstones Fell race 20th Jan

62nd        Bill Hunter           MV70                    2.23.15

Northern Cross Country Championships, Sedgefield 28th Jan


40th         Julia Jagger                       FV40      33:32

65th         Claire Leaver-Hewitt       FV40      35:30

11th Team out of 26


199th       Philip Hewitt                     MV40    49:37

232nd      Damian McQueen            MV50    51:17

262nd      Adam Sunderland            MV50    53:03

265th      James Washington           MV45    53:19

357th      Louis Cromwell                 MV40    59:18

17th Team out of 29

Meltham 10K Sun 28th Jan

15th         Paul Sammonds                 MV35    00:38:18

16th         Jonny McLean                   MV40    00:38:20

25th         Michael Sanderson         MV35   00:40:35

38th         Leroy Marshall                  MV45    00:41:45

48th         James Washington          MV45    00:42:58

90th         Matthew Rose                  MV50    00:46:35

99th        Lorraine Smith                 FV50      00:47:34

101st       Gary Graham                     MV40    00:47:42

105th      Jon Burdon                         MV45    00:48:06

109th      Helen Standing                 FV45      00:48:30

116th      Michael Tivers                   MV45    00:48:53

145th      Debbie Hall                        FV45      00:51:54

148th      Kevin Yewlett                    MV70    00:52:25

157th      Stefanie Dickinson           FV40      00:53:07

199th      Sean Doyle                         MV55    00:56:10

224th      Becky Burdon                   FV45      00:58:13

270th      Bill Hunter                         MV75    01:03:34

271st       Alison Smith                      FV45      01:03:38


Bronze for the women at Yorkshire XC Champs

Strong vets' turnout for the Yorkshire XC champs.

Epic endurance from David Milton in the Spine Race.

Some Stanbury Splashers!

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