Vets’ News April 2024



Calderdale Way Relay 19th  May

We usually enter a few teams including a vet’s team and a mixed team for this really popular event. Runners compete in pairs. Pairs pass the baton to each other to complete the entire course as a relay. Fell and trail running. Course knowledge required.


Past Members Memorial Club 5 21st May

A fast and flat course within the ability of all club vets. Free to enter. Registration from 6.30pm at the club. Enter here:


YVAA Multi-terrain GP (Kirkstall Abbey) 28th May

If you enjoyed the YVAA race at Honley on the 28th, this is the second race in the Grand Prix series. The race is ~10k and includes field paths, tracks, woodland paths and linking stretches of tarmac. Entries via:




Trunce 1 1st Apr

Helen Ilsley FV (2nd) 00:37:15
Tracey Newman FV (24th) 00:58:25
James Washington MV (2nd) 00:31:05
Adam Sunderland MV50 (4th) 00:32:51
Richard Whale MV60 (17th) 00:58:45

Lads Leap 6th Apr

62nd Fran Whitworth FV50 (5th) 1:14:38
88th Barbara Hinchcliffe FV65 (4th) 1:26:01
104th Becky Burdon FV45 (10th) 1:41:17

85th Tim Brook MV40 (10th) 0:57:05
171st Adam Sunderland MV50 (29th) 1:06:24
193rd Gavin Baxter MV50 (34th) 1:09:25
199th Louis Cromwell MV40 (17th) 1:11:01
220th Andy Shortt MV50 (36th) 1:13:38
231st Keith Baird MV50 (37th) 1:15:08
247th Jon Burdon MV45 (25th) 1:17:36
252nd Phillip Hobbs MV55 (24th) 1:17:57
269th Rob Kersey MV70 (6th) 1:24:59

Baildon Boundary Way 7th April

243rd Paul Winn MV65 (6th) 2:42:03
252nd Jean Shotter FV60 (4th) 2:43:49

Monsal Trail Half 6th Apr

189th Lisa Allison FV40 (20th) 2:21:33

Monsal Trail Half 7th Apr

16th Joanne Jones FV45 (1st) 01:29:24
27th Simon Platts MV45 (6th) 01:34:58
33rd Helen Standing FV45 (3rd) 01:37:32
81st Michael Hall MV60 (3rd) 01:47:46
90th David Straw MV55 (9th) 01:49:39
154th Heidi King FV50 (7th) 01:59:42
235th Alison Smith FV45 (17th) 02:16:19

Sheffield Half 7th Apr

2159th Kevin Terry MV60 (53rd) 01:57:53

Paris Marathon 7th Apr

Ooh La La…We Need to Talk About Kevin, again, as he recorded another fantastic PB and sent himself to the top of the club’s M60 Marathon record books. Chapeau!

4542nd Kevin Dessoy MV60 (34th) 03:09:20PB/CR

Manchester Marathon 14th Apr

2406th Neil Robins MV50 (116th) 03:15:47
6734th Anthony Waring MV50 (410th) 03:45:59
7323rd Brandon Holroyd MV50 (443rd) 03:49:24

Lancaster Three Bridges 10K 14th  Apr

86th Michael Hall MV60 (4th) 52:07

Tuesday Handicap 2024 – Road Race 1 16th Apr

2023 Summer 5k Handicap – Race 1

Newlands Memorial Fell Race 20th Apr

Stand out performances by Rob Kersey and Bill Hunter coming 2nd and 3rd in their age category.

28th Tim Brook M40 (8th) 01:59:12
128th Chris Beadle M50 (17th) 02:32:47
132nd Gavin Baxter M50 (19th) 02:34:07
135th Adam Sunderland M50 (20th) 02:35:33
137th Keith Baird M50 (21st) 02:36:28
150th Andy Shortt M50 (24th) 02:40:18
181st Jim Durrans M50 (32nd) 02:50:52
188th Rob Kersey M70 (2nd) 02:54:01
191st Jon Burdon M40 (39th) 02:54:54
197th Stefanie Dickinson W40 (8th) 03:04:24
215th Bill Hunter M70 (3rd) 03:37:19

London Marathon 21st Apr

29581st Diane Lee FV45-49 04:27:48
30580th Kevin Terry MV60-64 04:30:41
33139th Heidi O’Shea FV45-49 04:39:42
35116th Deborah Clarke FV50-54 04:46:27
35117th Andrew Clarke MV55-59 04:46:27

Trunce 2 22nd Apr

Congratulations to Helen Ilsley coming 1st in her age category.

Helen Ilsley VF (1st) 00:35:02
Tracey Newman VF (21st) 00:54:01
Janet Foreman VF50 (5th) 00:45:07
Louis Cromwell VM (13th) 00:33:42
Adam Sunderland VM50 (7th) 00:33:14
Richard Whale VM60 (16th) 00:54:33

Point to Point Race 23rd Apr

2024 Point to Point

Mid Cheshire 5K 26th Apr

364th Gary Graham MV55 (3rd) 18:05

Three Peaks 27th Apr

80th Jonny Mclean MV40 (19th) 03:57:59

YVAA Multi-terrain GP (Honley) 28th Apr

Despite the weather, some strong performances from the amber tribe with 1st place category results for Tim Street, James Washington and David Williams.

3rd Tim Street MV35 (1st) 00:40:47
4th Tim Brook MV40 (2nd) 00:41:35
6th Paul Sammonds MV35 (2nd) 00:42:51
9th James Washington MV45 (1st) 00:43:13
32nd Anthony Waring MV50 (7th) 00:48:13
33rd Chris Beadle MV50 (8th) 00:48:26
44th Martin Hirst MV45 (8th) 00:49:51
57th David Williams MV65 (1st) 00:52:41
78th Ian Goulding MV60 (8th) 00:54:44
90th Chris Barr MV55 (10th) 00:56:06
105th Debbie Hall FV45 (3rd) 00:58:15
119th Janet Foreman FV55 (5th) 00:59:56
126th Rob Kersey MV70 (3rd) 01: 01:10
131st Paul Hadin MV60 (11th) 01:01:51
138th Paul Winn MV65 (9th) 01:02:30
160th Mark Henderson MV60 (14th) 01:05:31
200th Richard Smith MV75 (5th) 01:14:07



We need to talk about Kevin...again!

1st ladies team at Monsal

Helen Ilsley 1st Vet female at The Trunce

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