Tinker Cup Report 2023

Pictured above are Adam Sunderland, Tinker cup winner Phil Hobbs and Chris Beadle.

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The club staged the 103rd running of the Kevin Johns Memorial Tinker Cup Handicap race. The race is a sealed handicap and as in recent years has started and finished in the Recreation Ground to the rear of Honley Cricket Club.


2nd place winner Mark Buckingham, 1st place winner Kai Sunman and 3rd place winner and 1st novice Tommy Holroyd
2nd place winner Mark Buckingham, 1st place winner Kai Sunman and 3rd place winner and 1st novice Tommy Holroyd

This year the Tinker cup was renamed in honour of Kevin Johns who we sadly lost earlier on in the year and we had the privilege of Edward Johns, Kevin’s son, joining us to start the race, present the trophys, as well as saying a few words for his dad (link to Edwards words) and a few words from Gareth Johns (Kevin’s youngest son) read by John Buckingham (link to Gareth’s words)

This challenging cross country handicap race of approximately 7 miles, requires competitors to negotiate walls, fences, gates & Wickins Dike, along a route from Honley Cricket Club via Netherthong, Hill Lane (checkpoint), Upperthong, Upperthong Lane, Binns Lane & Hill, before returning to the Cricket Club.

With a few weeks of rain beforehand it made conditions quite tricky on the day with a lot of mud around but we still had 54 dedicated runners line up at 2pm ready to brave the mud.

The race started off with a round of applause for Kevin Johns.

Our new Tinker cup winner was Phil Hobbs winning the Tinker Cup trophy again which was presented by Edward Johns. Phil’s winning time after adjusting for the handicap was 43:46 and his actual time was 1:06:16. Phil previously won the Tinker Cup back in 2014.

2nd place for the handicap was Adam Sunderland 45:20 (58:20) and 3rd place handicap winner was Chris Beadle 45:38 (1:01:08)


Kai Sunman was first across the line on the day, winning the Ian Roberts trophy in a fantastic time of 49:14!

Ruby Sykes was 1st female back (10th overall) recording a time of 57:32 to take the Norman Haigh Trophy.

Ruby Sykes

Ruby Sykes 1st female back

Mark Buckingham was 2nd back in a time of 50:25 having another great run  and 3rd place was Tommy Holroyd in a time of 53:12 and 1st Novice back. The first female Novice back was Amy Sanderson (16th overall) with a strong time of 1:03:50.

Everyone navigated the muddy course and made it home safety with just one DNF due to an injury in the first couple of miles. A special thank you goes out to John Ewart for been the race sweeper and all the landowners that allow us to run this race every year.

This was the second time, Helena Croft (myself), Ladies Club Captain, coordinated the Tinker Cup along with a small, fantastic team of Harriers. I want to take the opportunity to again thank Diane Lee, James Spencer, Paul Sammonds, Jackie France, and Roger Bradly, who have all worked tirelessly since the end of September to bring the Tinker Cup together. And by all the smiles in all the photos everyone seems to have had fun time.

Winner Kai Sunman


Thank you to everyone who volunteered or marshalled, and all the donations for prizes and food on the day

Full results are available here

James Washington

Jonny Sykes, with his daughter Ruby.

Paul Sammonds

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