Legs and Lungs required

After yesterday’s heat and sunshine it was lovely to see the clouds ☁️ but it was still a warm one. 5 Harriers registered ( 2 of us Bill and I only entered this week !! ) and was great to get a picture of us all.

So you register and get your T-shirt before you finish !! Keren and I were like well we don’t have to run it now 🙂 🙂

I had no expectations of a time as I knew I was going to Jeff the course of running a mile and walking thirty seconds but Richard and Bill were hoping for a 2.30 . Karen was also of that thought but with the heat and elevation said would be happy with under 3 hours . Gary was aiming for a sub 2 and Tony well we knew he would be first Harrier Home.
It’s fair to say there’s no chance to warm the legs up as the first 2.5 miles are just up , up oh and more up !!! Then a steady little drop and climb up to mile 5 with some stunning scenery.

After mile 5 it’s time to let the legs go and enjoy the downhill and what a downhill hill it is but in the back of my head I was like hang on it’s ok this downhill malarkey but there has to be an uphill coming and boy is it an uphill . Yes we are used to Rotcher but this was a cheeky climb and made sure the legs were still alive . It’s then a lovely long down hill and then just steady away undulating to the finish

Tony was the first Harrier home as expected and Gary was under his sub 2 amazing:-). Next in was me with a sprint finish overtaking 2 men who had been cat and mousing with me around the course. Bill was next and got his sub 2:30 and just as we was wondering where Richard was he appeared and a quick look at the clock I realised he could make his sub 2:30 if he got a sprint on. So some shouting and encouraging words !! He sprinted to the mat only then to realise that mat was not the final one and he had another 50 meters to go ha ha ha love to make the boy run . He scraped in with 18 seconds to spare , great running as per usual .

Then Keren came in with a very respectable time of just over 2:38 so well within her revised estimate time .

The big man and I celebrated with a waffle ( didn’t touch the sides ) and coffee.

Great course , beautiful scenery and would definitely recommend

A little hilly

All finished safely

Lovely route

Great scenery

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