Junior Virtual Winter Champs 2021 – A Report By Floss (Florence Jones)

Over the past 4 weeks, we have been doing something called Junior Winter Virtual Championship, whereby once a week members of the Juniors go for either a 2km run or a 5km run (depending on your age or preference) in their own time. If old enough, you can go by yourself but if not, you can go with an adult willing to run. 

A positive factor of this Championship is that even though you are missing running, you can go out for a nice run.  Another positive is that you have a target/time to beat from the week before. 

One negative is that you may have to self isolate due to Covid 19, or that the weather is very bad (snow/rain). 

Overall, this experience is very good and gets you up from the sofa and outside in nature. It may be a little cold but there is nothing that Holmfirth Harriers  can't do!

Florence Jones 
Junior Athlete

For details of latest results, please see pdf link below:-

Virtual Junior Winter Champs 2021 09Feb Version

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