Did Someone Say Treble?

So last Tuesday at the club Richard asked, “What time is the start of the School Run on Saturday?” I replied, “11:00 – there’s time for parkrun before!!!”. Half way into the club run Richard piped up, “I wish you hadn’t suggested that…”, and that’s how the treble idea was born.

Saturday morning saw us rock up at Greenhead Park for the parkun. It was my first this year, and Richard brought Basil for his usual doggy joggy. It was lovely to see lots of Harriers running and being pacemakers.

With parkrun done ✅, we headed straight to Richard’s for a quick change and freshen-up before setting off to Digley for the School Run.

The School Run is part of the Summer Wine Trails series, and there was plenty of Amber in sight. Off we set with me sweeping on this one, but all the runners still did an awesome job with everyone finishing under 90 minutes. It was a lovely stretch of the legs, the weather held off, and there was plenty of cake and coffee after along with some great photos.

It was then home for a quick change and to sort the doggos out, before heading to Harden Moss for the fell race where naturally I pre-fuelled with a burger 🍔. The sun was out now and it was getting a tad warm to be fair. Again, there was a lovely sea of Amber and it was decided that as we had started the day together we would finish it together – and we did! It was the first time either of us had raced three times in a day, and I couldn’t have done it with anyone better than Richard.

Richard summed the day up nicely afterwards: “Brilliant, thanks so much for making today achievable. A crazy idea, but now I’m super happy we achieved it in this heat!”.

Tracey & Richard

Park Run

School Run

Harden Moss

We only bloody well did it

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