Ambles Revenge

Wednesday 29th December 2021

Thirteen Harriers attended the Penistone Footpath Runners, annual Ambles Revenge. There were 251 runners this year. The race was won by Jonathan Escalante-Phillips of Cambridge and Coleridge AC in a time of 54:37; the First Holmfirth Harrier home was Mark Law in a time of 1:05:42 who was also third in his age category. Second in their age category was Kevin Yellett and congratulations to Karen Sinkinson who was first in her age category. Elaine and Neil also got on the age category podium, but well done to everyone on this difficult course.

Here is the full list of Harriers results:

Position                                                                  Cat Pos

32         1816   Mark Law                   MV55              3/25                1:05:42

42        1923   Graeme Smith           MV45              6/29                1:09:07

49        1675   Philip Brown              MV40              10/29             1:10:09

64        1758   Ian Goulding              MV55              5/25                1:12:40

69        1737   Jim Durrans              MV50              11/27             1:13:48

88        1988   Kevin Yewlett            MV65              2/12                1:16:34

130     1956   Richard Wade           MV55              13/25             1:24:06

132     1918   Karen Sinkinson       FV60               1/3                  1:24:19

141     1844   Neil Midgley              MV70              3/4                  1:25:14

176     1933   Elaine Stewart           FV60               3/3                  1:29:51

192     1783   Mark Henderson       MV55              22/25             1:34:04

206     1965   Richard Whale          MV65              11/12             1:38:58

218     1949   Laura Tiffany            FV50               6/9                  1:42:08


The Ambles Revenge is the winter race of The Amble, which is run in July. It is a mixture of cross country, road and fell the race goes in a clockwise direction, starting on the Trans Pennine Trail at Oxspring. It proceeds for 7.5 miles with over 1,200ft elevation, over farmers’ fields, quiet country lanes, through woodland and over many stiles towards Green Moor and back to Oxspring.

The weather had been (and still was) particularly wet and there were parts that were very muddy and wet underfoot making it a real slog in parts. Undulating and hilly, it is certainly not an easy race. This year we also had the wind, not a gentle breeze but on the upper parts I would say gale force – enough to knock you off balance! The course was well marked and had plenty of wet and windswept marshals all very cheerful and giving us all lots of encouragement.

The event was subject to the ongoing National Covid rules which meant that there was no socialising indoors, queue for number collection, mask wearing once inside then exit the building, we basically only met up as a Holmfirth Harriers Club at the start, on the Trans Pennine Trail; then dispersed once each runner had crossed the finish line. No open bar for competitors or a chance to tell tales of the race but I am sure that we shall all look back on these measures in a few years and tell the youngsters “I remember when..” But at least we were lucky to be in England and running in real race conditions.

I believe we all enjoyed the race, it was such a fun event with a brilliant quality, beanie hat just for turning up; I have run this race before and will definitely will be signing up again in the future. It is suitable for everyone and speaking for myself, the more mud the more everyone walks so I didn’t feel guilty for not running the whole course, I just joined the procession with those of similar ability! Trying my best to improve my position going downhill, he he!!!

See the Gallery below for some Harriers enjoying the conditions

Richard Whale
30th December 2021

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