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Wolves is the fastest group out on a regular basis and usually splits into Wolves 1 and Wolves 2. Both have 6, 8 and 10 mile options. 

Wolves 1. The slower Wolves group are capable of running a 10K in 40 – 45 minutes (say 6 ½ - 7 ¼  minutes mile pace). Run Leaders – 

Wolves 2. The faster Wolves group can run 10 K in 34 – 40 minutes (say 5 ½ - 6 ½ minute mile pace) On occasions we may have the odd runner that can do nearer 30 mins for 10K but club runs would not be at this sort of pace. Run Leaders – Helen Haigh, Steve Green

When sufficient speedier runners are available they may make up another separate Cheetahs group (effectively a Wolves 3)

Alwin's Training Tips for Winter Runs

  • You can use these runs as a Fartlek session with 3 - 5 efforts ranging from 2 mins - 10 mins at 3K / 5K pace. Build this up sensibly and use the hills and flat sections for the efforts, Don't forget to use the first part of the run as a warm up and ease down over the last 10 mins - 15 mins.
  • Use the runs as part of your Steady State mileage.
  • After races use them as recovery runs.
  • If you have an important race on the Saturday / Sunday, cut back on your Thursday night run, You can run the Honley / Holmfirth / New Mill circuit, or the Berry Brow / Lockwood / Netherton / Honley loop.
  • You can also try the Thursday night 3/4 mile Tempo run around the circuit at around 10K+ 10-20 secs per mile pace.
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Run Leaders for this group

We're a big club. Here are a few photos of our qualified run leaders who run with this group:
Rob Kersey

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