Neiley Races Summer Schools CC Series

Championship details:

Welcome to the Holme Valley Junior Schools Summer Cross Country League races.

The races started in 1989 and were held for the next 30 years uninterrupted until the Covid Pandemic.

The first race was held at the Sands Recreation ground in Holmfirth and remained there until it was moved to the Neiley Sports Field, the home of Holmfirth Harriers, due to the increasing popularity of the event.

There were initially 2 races - one for girls and one for boys - with schools local to the Holme Valley entering.

We had a record entry in 2019 with over 1200 children entered from 34 Junior and 2 Middle Schools with schools from the Holme, Dearne and Colne Valleys entering with another 3 schools wishing to be included when we are able to restart.

The races are held on Wednesday afternoons after school with the first race off at 4:30pm.

There are three races in the series with a fourth date set aside in case of any disruption due to the weather.

The school will enter your child. Entries from individuals will not be accepted unless they are home-educated, in which case email us and we can see what we can do.

When entries are sent in, it is essential that it is clear which category your school falls into, so please tell us, and see below for categories.

There will be 4 races in each of the 3 meetings. There will be small and medium school category awards in each race. The school definitions will be as follows:

  1. Small having a maximum of 75 children at Key Stage 2
  2. Medium having a maximum of 150 children at Key Stage 2

For the open team awards it will be the first 4 runners to count in each race and there will also be runners up team award. For the small & medium school awards it will be the first 3 runners to count in each race.

If a small or medium school wins the open team award and the small or medium team award, they can only take one award, which will be the most prestigious, this being the open award. The small or medium team award will then pass on to the second placed small or medium school.

Course discipline is important

  • Please do not allow supporters to cross the course interfering with runners.
  • Wearing of spikes is strictly forbidden due to the possible danger to other runners in crowded conditions.

Failure to abide by these two safety critical rules could lead to disqualification from the event or loss of points for the school.

Race Day

On race day the Teacher or person responsible of each school group collects the race numbers and safety pins. The collection point will at the front of the Neiley Pavilion situated in the corner of the field.

Notice for Teachers: Please make sure your students know where you will be to collect numbers from. Good idea to carry an umbrella or a banner on a pole, just something to make you stand out from the crowd. Don't forget their will in excess of 2,000 people on the field!

Please make sure that the number is securely pinned to the front of each competitor and that it is clearly visible.

This year we are trying to reduce the amount of printing and so one weatherproof number will issued. This number and safety pins must be kept and brought back for each of the three races.

Please if any child retires during the race please inform someone at the finish so that the race number can be checked off.

There will be separate races for boys and girls each split into 2 age groups: Years 3 & 4 in one race and 5 & 6 in another.

Approximate Race Times:

  • 4.30pm Years 3 & 4 Boys
  • 4.45pm Years 3 & 4 Girls
  • 5.05pm Years 5 & 6 Boys
  • 5.20pm Years 5 & 6 Girls

Course length

  • The year 3 – 4 course is one lap and is approximately 1080m long.
  • The year 5 – 6 children run two laps of a slightly different course, which is 1827m.

Facilities and car parking

Toilets are available in the pavilion.

Car Parking will be on the hard play area accessed through the gate on Gynn Lane, Honley, close to its junction with New Mill Road. If that parking is unusable due to the weather, the Head of Honley High School has kindly agreed to allow us to use the car parking at the school, which is accessed off Station Road. In either case road signs and marshals will assist. There must be no parking on the main road.

For a location map, see the How to find us page.


As well as a certificate for every individual who completes all three races, a number of other awards are given at the end of the three race series to both individuals and teams. These awards are detailed below:


  • Plaques to the first 3 children in each of the 4 race categories and a cup/shield to be held for 1 year.
  • 4th, 5th and 6th overall each receive a medal.
  • The positions are calculated by adding the time of each athlete for the three races together with the athlete with the lowest total time being declared the winner.



The first four finishers from each school in each race will comprise an overall team.

First overall receives a shield to be held for 1 year.

2nd receive a runners up shield to be held for 1 year.

Medium school:

The first three finishers comprise the team. The winning team will receive a shield to be held for 1 year

Small school:

The first three finishers comprise the team. The winning team will receive a shield to be held for 1 year.

If a small or medium school wins an overall award, they can only take one award. This will be the most prestigious, i.e. either the overall or 1st in their schools category. The relinquished award would then pass to the second place in the category.

Events in this Championship