West Yorkshire Track & Field League – Meet 2

West Yorkshire Track and Field League – Fixture 2 – 11th May 2022


The first fixture of the league had set a high bar in terms of the number of athletes competing, effort levels and performance. The second fixture has now raised the bar even higher. There were 29 athletes competing – maybe a record for us? – and in total they produced 59 performances. It was hard to keep up with events and everywhere we looked there were amber vests competing.

We are not lucky enough to have a track to train on at Neiley but despite this we are able to compete with many clubs who do, and this is a great credit to the athletes. To watch the mature and composed way the Juniors approached and competed in their events was really pleasing. It was also notable how much they have taken on board in training as they did there best to replicate it in the competition.

With such a large team and so many individual achievements it would not be fair to single anybody out for special mention and so below is a breakdown of all athlete’s results – the number of personal bests speak for themselves. For the full meeting results please see the link at the end:

Also, if anybody wants to join in and compete in the league it’s not too late to enter, there are still 5 fixtures remaining. The next fixture is Wed 1st June and entries need to be in by 25th May – see John McFadzean for an entry form.


U11 Girls:

75m:  3rd Soraya Thomas 11.64s PB; 13th Alice Hall 13.23s PB; 18th Meredith Thomas 13.58s PB; 20th Betsie Mayes 13.94s

Long Jump: 2nd Soraya Thomas 3.36m PB; 12th Alice Hall 2.50m PB; 17th Meredith Thomas 2.36m PB; 22nd Betsie Mayes 1.95m PB

U11 Boys:

600m: 4th Thomas Martindale 2m 4.76s PB

Shot Put 1st Thomas Martindale 5.73m PB

U13 Girls:

80m: 10th Erin Burridge 12.50s; 16th Maisie Sobo-Allen 12.89s PB; 17th Alice Sobo-Allen 12.94s PB; 20th Emily Coulson 13.04s; 26th Florence Gibbs 14.36s

150m: 6th Erin Burridge 23.21s PB; 12th Maisie Sobo-Allen 24.11s PB; 14th Emily Coulson 24.43 PB; 17th Alice Sobo-Allen 24.60s PB; 24th Florence Gibbs 26.51s PB;

Discus: 1st Maisie Sobo-Allen 17.37m (Grade 4) PB; 8th Erin Burridge 11.19m PB; 10th Florence Gibbs 9.69m PB; 17th Alice Sobo-Allen 8.21m PB

U13 Boys:

80m: 8th Charlie Straw 12.21s PB; 11th Luke Melling 12.41s PB; 18th Jerome Mundakal 13.16s PB

150m: 10th Charlie Straw 23.43s PB; 11th Luke Melling 23.61s PB

Shot Put: 1st Charlie Straw 7.82m (Grade 4)

U15 Girls:

200m: 5th Chloe Law 29.63s PB; 11th Sophie Mayes 30.37s PB; 20th Olivia Cottam 32.40s PB; 22nd Jess Martindale 32.60s PB; 28th Isobel Coulson 34.63s PB

800m: 12th Emily Wood 2mins 59.78s PB; 13th Isobel Coulsen 2mins 59.88s PB; 14th Sophie Mayes 3mins 3.02s PB; Florence Jones 3mins 6.63s PB

Long Jump: 3rd Chloe Law 3.87m PB; 9th Florence Jones 3.36m PB; 14th Jess Martindale 3.29m PB; 15th Olivia Cottam 3.17m; 20th Emily Wood 2.90m PB; 21st Sophie Mayes 2.89m PB

U15 Boys:

200m: 9th Sam Standing 28.58s PB; 10th Declan Levay 28.83s PB 18th: Joey McLaughlan 33.71s PB;

High Jump: 5th Sam Standing 1.30m PB

U17 Women:

6th Eve Dutton 28.63s SB; 11th Jess Trafford 31.17s PB; 16th Shauna Edge 34.42s PB

U17 Boys:

1500m: 7th Jack Sunderland 4m 48.10s PB

U20 Women:

1500m: 1st Isobel Richardson 4m 45.22s SB

Senior Men:

200m 2nd Will Lander 23.62s; 5th Eddie Hinchliffe 25.91s PB


Full meeting results – follow this link: WYT&F – Meet 2


Neil Dutton

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