Vet’s News June 2024



YVAA Track and Field Championships – Saturday 13th July, Sheffield Hallam

The perfect opportunity to run, jump or throw against fellow veterans (35+) on a track/field with electronic timing and distance measurement. Get yourself a Power of 10 PB!


YVAA GP 2024 Race 6: Northowram Pumas

Race Date: Thursday July 11th, 2024

Race HQ: NCSAC, Westercroft Lane, Northowram, HX3 7EN

Race Start/Finish: Northowram Primary School, Baxter Lane, Northowram, HX3 7EF

Start Time: 7:00pm (number collection from 6:00pm)


Entry is online only; there is no entry on the day. To enter, you must first register for the series. Fees are £10 for your first race, and £6.75 for additional races (or £6 if you pre-enter them when you register). Entry closes Tuesday July 9th.


YVAA GP 2024 Race 7: Stainland Lions

Race Date: Sunday July 21st, 2024


The Halifax Harriers 10k Sunday 7th July

(Incorporating the Yorkshire Veterans Athletic Association and Northern Masters Championships)




Edenfield Fell Race June 2nd

20th James Washington MV45 (5th) 00:54:03

173rd Mark Henderson MV60 (21st) 01:24:41

Trunce 4 June 3rd

43rd Adam Sunderland MV50 (2nd) 00:31:06PB
56th Louis Cromwell MV (8th) 00:32:21PB
67th Helen Ilsley FV (1st) 00:34:07
124th Debbie Hall FV (6th) 00:39:13
147th Janet Foreman FV50 (2nd) 00:41:51

Tuesday Handicap 2024 – Road Race 3 June 4th

2024 Monthly Summer 5k Handicap – Race 3 Results / Race 4 Start Times

YVAA 5 mile Championships / Bronte 5 June 6th

39th  Robert Dickinson MV50 (6th) 0:35:35
77th  Stefanie Dickinson FV45 (4th) 0:40:54

Stanza Stones 50 Mile Ultra

3rd Tim Brook MV40 (2nd) 08:11:07

YVAA Multi-terrain GP Morley RC June 11th

3rd Tim Brook MV40 (3rd) 0:40:54
79th Chris Barr MV55 (10th) 0:54:05
120th Kevin Yewlett MV70 (4th) 1:01:27
126th Mark Henderson MV60 (13th) 1:02:15
128th Neil Midgeley MV70 (5th) 1:02:52
140th Rob Kersey MV70 (6th) 1:04:41
150th Richard Smith MV75 (2nd) 1:16:10

Joe Percy 10K June 12th

Holmfirth Harriers female team came first with the help of the vets below…

Helena Croft FV35 0:40:32
Helen Standing FV45 0:45:49
Sophie Cromwell FV35 0:47:22
Liz Woodfield FV45 0:49:29
Vicky Noble FV35 0:50:06
Heidi O’Shea FV45 0:50:59
Deborah Hall FV45 0:51:41

…whilst the men’s team came second with the help of some of these oldies:

Paul Sammonds MV35 0:37:55
Damian McQueen MV50 0:38:23
James Washington MV45 0:39:08
Adam Sunderland MV50 0:42:34
Andrew Ferguson MV40 0:42:45
Bob Dickinson MV50 0:43:36
Leighton Moxon MV40 0:44:01
Brandon Holroyd MV50 0:44:32
Neil Robins MV50 0:45:28
Matthew Rose MV50 0:46:47
Jon Burdon MV45 0:47:09
Gary Putnam MV40 0:50:30
Michael Hall MV60 0:51:16
Rob Kersey MV70 0:51:36
John Dickinson MV65 0:52:46
Bill Hunter MV70 1:03:01

Northern Track & Field League, East 1 North Division – Meet 2 June 15th

The team came second with the help of these vets:

1500m Julia Jagger FV40 05:03:7
1500m Phil Hewitt MV35 4:55:4
3000m Helena Croft FV35 11:10:8
3000m Claire Leaver-Hewitt FV35 11:16:7
5000m Paul Sammonds MV35 17:20:6
5000m Damian McQueen MV50 18:34:5
2km steeplechase Helena Croft FV35 08:08:2
400m hurdles Helena Croft FV35 86.8

Buttermere Sailbeck Fell Race June 15th

110th Tim Brook MV40 (26th) 01:53:25.40
336th Robert Dickinson MV50 (98th) 02:50:37.85

YVAA Multi-terrain GP (Middleton Park) June 19th

5th Tim Brook MV40 (3rd) 0:34:59
6th Paul Sammonds MV35 (3rd) 0:35:35
116th Debbie Hall FV45 (6th) 0:48:28
122nd Rob Kersey MV70 (4th) 0:48:54
172nd Mark Henderson MV60 (15th) 0:53:42
207th Richard Smith MV75 (1st) 0:58:45

School Run June 22nd

No less than six 1st place age category winners

7th Tim Brook MV40 (1st) 43:54
8th Oliver Beaston MV35 (2nd) 44:59
9th Paul Sammonds MV35 (3rd) 45:40
12th Helena Croft FV35 (1st) 48:20
13th Damian McQueen MV50 (1st) 48:51
16th Adam Sunderland MV50 (2nd) 49:58
27th Paul Girdlestone MV50 (3rd) 52:07
32nd Bob Dickinson MV50 (4th) 53:37
34th Chris Beadle MV50 (5th) 54:28
41st Matt Crompton MV45 (5th) 55:44
47th Ian Goulding MV60 (2nd) 57:13
62nd Jon Burdon MV45 (8th) 1:00:23
77th Ruth Churchill-Dower FV55 (2nd) 1:04:42
79th John Dickinson MV65 (1st) 1:05:08
101st James Spencer MV60 (6th) 1:11:10
121st Bill Hunter MV75 (1st) 1:17:40
123rd Richard Whale MV70 (1st) 1:18:00
129th Alastair Watt MV55 (7th) 1:21:19
138th Nicky Evans FV55 (8th) 1:38:24

Penistone 10k June 23rd

15th Damian Mcqueen MV50 (1st) 40:08
20th James Washington MV45 (1st) 40:24
41st Neil Dutton MV50 (5th) 43:08
68th Louis Cromwell MV40 (14th) 46:30
69th Matthew Rose MV50 (10th) 46:34
74th Leighton Moxon MV40 (15th) 46:25
75th Michael Tivers MV45 (13th) 47:10
79th Helen Standing FV45 (3rd) 47:50
106th David Straw MV55 (8th) 50:41
144th Rob Kersey MV70 (3rd) 54:13
186th Heidi King FV50 (4th) 59:28
213th Debbie Beck FV50 (7th) 1:03:25
214th Alison Smith FV45 (10th) 1:03:25
237th Lisa Allison FV40 (13th) 1:07:19
276th Gary Putnam MV40 (30th) 1:18:29

Leeds 10K June 23rd

2615th Andy Morris MV40 (372nd) 57:08

Trunce 5 June 24th

34th Adam Sunderland MV50 (2nd) 00:31:45
58th Helen Ilsley FV (2nd) 00:35:24
60th Louis Cromwell MV (7th) 00:35:32
121st Kevin Yewlett MV70 (3rd) 00:45:07
163rd Richard Whale MV60 (10th) 00:52:52

YVAA Multi-terrain GP at Pudsey June 30th

3rd Paul Sammonds MV35 (1st) 0:31:17
11th Michael Sanderson MV35 (4th) 0:33:10
99th Rob Kersey MV70 (3rd) 0:43:35
117th Paul Winn MV70 (4th) 0:45:54
119th Neil Midgley MV70 (5th) 0:46:10
127th Mark Henderson MV60 (17th) 0:46:47
132nd Kevin Yewlett MV70 (6th) 0:47:36
178th Richard Smith MV75 (2nd) 0:55:34

Bakewell Pudding Fell Race June 30th

24th James Washington MV40 (8th) 46:20
35th Adam Sunderland MV50 (7th) 47:26
68th Andy Shortt MV50 (10th) 50:43
76th Robert Dickinson MV50 (13th) 51:30
92nd Sally Coldwell FV40 (1st) 52:41
152nd David Milton MV50 (27th) 56:55
190th Stefanie Dickinson FV40 (16th) 1:00:38
243rd Diane Lee FV40 (24th) 01:05:25

Tim Brook coming 2nd V40 at the Stanza Stones 50 mile ultra

Damian McQueen 1st Vet 50 at the School Run

Richard Smith 1st V75 at the YVAA Multi terrain GP (Middleton)

Bill Hunter 1st V75 at The School Run

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