Membership Renewals Now Due For The Year 1/4/21 to 31/3/22

Notice to all Members

Remember – pay by 31st May 2021 or you will subject to the re-joining fee (an extra £10!)


Dear Member

It’s the time of year when your membership is due for renewal (1st April 2021). Anyone needing help to spread the cost of their membership may contact us directly to discuss matters confidentially. However, if you no longer wish to continue your membership it is important that you resign in writing or by e-mail.

As a result of the Covid pandemic, resulting in the Club being closed for a large part of the last 12 months, the committee are offering a discount of circa 50% (this does not apply to the EA fee which stays at £15). You do not have to take the discount but, if you do, it will not be possible for you to make payment via Entry Central.

 NOTE – if you wish to take the discount offered, this must be done by 31st May 2021 at the latest. Any renewal after that date will be at “normal” rates, plus the £10 re-joining fee.


The full details of the amount due and payment options are detailed below.

Membership Type No Discount taken Discount Taken

(available to 31/5/21)

Senior £51 £18 + £15 = £33
Social (non-runner) £10 £5
Age 10 to 17 and students £36 £10 + £15 = £25
Age 8 to 9 £25 £12
Family Membership fee + £15 for

every person aged 10 & over

£80 + £15 for every person in the family group (10 years & over, young person or adult) £40 + £15 for every person in the family group (10 years & over, young person or adult)
LIFE members EA fee

(for those who race)

£15 £15


Payment Options


No Discount Taken 

  1. Direct into the Clubs bank account as follows:-

Holmfirth Harriers AC

58929168             (account number)

309443                  (sort code)

Please ensure member’s name is quoted in the bank transfer. It is essential you also email Phil or Helen with details for whom you have paid, including ages of children & young people. If you do not do this we have no way of knowing who has renewed.

  1. Cheques payable to Holmfirth Harriers Athletic Club (Note – Club name in full please)

One cheque per family is OK in an envelope and clearly indicating the renewed members.

  1. Payments can also be made online at Holmfirth Harriers Athletics Club (Individual) – (no longer a charge for this service). Please note – Entry Central is not available for family memberships.


Discount Taken

Options 1 & 2 above ONLY


NOTE – if you are adding new family members to your membership they MUST complete an application form. These are available on our website or via Entry Central.


If you have any queries, please contact us as follows:-


Phil Hanson                07740 867717

Helen Hanson            07740 867718


Address:                6 White Wells Road, Scholes, Holmfirth HD9 1TB


Many thanks


Phil & Helen Hanson

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