London Marathon 2023 – process to apply for club places

Ahead of the London Marathon’s return to its usual April fixture in 2023, we are starting the process of gathering applications from Members for the 3 club places we have been allocated.

In order to apply, please send your application to Becky Breen (Secretary) by Sunday 4th December at

Please include the following details in your application 

  1. Have you had a ballot place application to run rejected? Please provide confirmation 
  2. Have you had a HH place before and if so when?
  3. How long have you been a member?
  4. Have you taken part in any distance events in the past? If so give a few examples over the last year.
  5. Have you taken part in any of the HH Closed (member only) events such as club 5 or 10?
  6. Have you run for the club in any team event such as Relays or Championship events? If yes give examples.
  7. Have you helped at any club events by marshalling etc.? If yes give examples .
  8. Do you volunteer in any other capacity at the club.
  9. Any further information you would like to supply in support of your application

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