Martyn Goodall

5 members of the 1982 Yorkshire 6 stage relay team. 6th member Robert Harbisher not shown.
L – R Martyn Goodall, Graham Ellis, Anthony Marsh, Alwyn Dewhirst, Clive Hollingworth

Tribute to Martyn Goodall who will be remembered with affection by many, who sadly died 7/12/2020 aged 64

Martyn joined Holmfirth Harriers 31/10/1981

Martyn will be remembered for his cross country achievements, and was pivotal in the success of Holmfirth Harriers during the early 1980s. Holmfirth Harriers for the first time became Yorkshire Cross Country Champions, in 1982 with Martyn bringing the team home in 27th place.

This historical achievement was eclipsed the following year when Holmfirth Harriers became 1983 Northern Cross Country Champions, again Martyn being the 6th and final scoring team member in 61st place.

Martyn achieved individual acclaim becoming the 1982 West Yorkshire Cross Country league champion. Success continued in 1983 winning the Halifax and District Cross Country Championship, an achievement he repeated, winning again in 1985.

Martyn excelled in tough conditions finishing 4th in 1984 at a snow covered Yorkshire Cross Country Championships. This was again evident in the mud at the1985 English Cross Country Championships, Milton Keynes, finishing 84th.

This was possibly Martyn’s best run for Holmfirth Harriers, giving him the honour of leading the team home. Martyn was now arguably Holmfirth Harriers number one cross country runner.

He was again instrumental in another first for Holmfirth Harriers, this time on the roads, running the first leg in Holmfirth’s victory at the 1982 inaugural Yorkshire 6 stage road relay. In 1983 he produced one of his best performances on the road finishing 5th in the Holmfirth 15, this again gave him the honour of being the leading Holmfirth runner in a time of 1-16-49, a time which would hold well today.

1980 – 1985 was a major leap forward for Holmfirth Harriers, with team performances previously unimaginable. It was the team spirit that made this possible to which Martyn contributed immensely.

Martyn was consistent, reliable and always gave 100% gaining respect from everyone. This respect was always returned by Martyn