YVAA Road Relays

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This is a cracking event if you are a Vet (35+years). Most recently this has been held at York Cycle Track, but wherever we hold it you can be guaranteed an enjoyable event.

Holmfirth Harriers usually manage at least one team in every age group for both men and women and some years have run both 2nd and 3rd teams in some age groups. Absolutely everyone is welcome to take part and if you are not very fast you will probably end up in a 2nd or 3rd team so there is no pressure about ‘letting people down’. This really is an opportunity to run a short (2 to 3 mile) relay race and experience the fantastic team atmosphere such events produce.

When announcements are made, regarding dates and venues, get you name on the list of people willing to run.

See event website for more information.

If you are a vet and run on the road, your club needs you!