Tuesday Handicap 2024 – Road Race 1

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16 April , 2024

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At a Glance:

Tuesday Handicap 2024 - Road Race 1

  • HQ: Neiley Pavilion
  • Start Time: 7.00pm to 7.30pm
  • Cost: no charge
  • Distance: 5k
  • Terrain: Road


We would like as many Harriers as possible to take part in these events.


6 training road races of 5km on the first Tuesday of the month (where possible) from April to September

  • 16 April 2024
  • 7 May 2024
  • 4 June 2024
  • 2 July 2024
  • 6 August 2024
  • 3 September 2024

Instructions for Runners


The challenge comprises six 5k races, one per month, to be held between April and September.

Competitors do not have to take part in all six races although it is hoped most will.


Runners are asked to pre-register on the event page on the website and submit a 5k time estimate with that registration.  At the race organiser’s discretion, runners can enter on the day, setting off at a time commensurate with their estimate.

Start / Finish

The start and finish is on Magdale Fields.  See map below.


The 5k course is TWO laps.

  • Starting at Magdale Fields
  • Turn right over the white bridge
  • Turn left into Magdale at the road
  • Turn right on the hairpin bend up hill
  • Turn left onto White Gate
  • Turn left back into Magdale
  • Turn right onto the main road (A616)
  • Turn right into the snicket before the petrol station
  • Turn right onto the footpath back towards Magdale Fields

The route will be marked with arrows and the occasional marshal


Each runner will be responsible for recording their own time on an appropriate device (running watch, stop watch, phone etc).

At the end of the two laps each runner is responsible for entering their name & time on the finishers sheet which will be at the start/finish point.

Start times

The races will be handicapped with a staggered start.

Start times will be published on the event page on the website one or two days before the race and also be held at the start.  Runners should be at the start no later than five minutes before their allocated start time.

The first race is self-handicapped (that is runners submit their own estimated time).  Start times for subsequent races will be based on previous actual times.

The first runner is expected to leave at 19:00 with others at intervals until approximately 19:30.

All runners are expected to have finished by 20:00


Results and start times for subsequent races will be published on the website a few days after the race.

Entrants and Start Times for Race 1

Race 1 - 16 April 2024
Name 5k Time Start Time Name 5k Time Start Time
Nicky Evans 41:00 19:06:00 James Spencer 26:00 19:21:00
Alison Smith 35:00 19:12:00 Phil Hobbs 26:00 19:21:00
Gareth Vickers 35:00 19:12:00 Debbie Beck 25:30 19:21:30
Jo Robinson 33:25 19:13:30 Helena Croft 25:00 19:22:00
Kenneth McGuire 32:50 19:14:00 Emily Dent-Kras 25:00 19:22:00
Richard Whale 32:15 19:14:30 John Dickenson 24:45 19:22:30
Tracey Newman 31:00 19:16:00 David Williams 24:00 19:23:30
Katie Hollingworth 30:00 19:17:00 Paul Hadin 23:53 19:23:30
Roger Fairlie 29:50 19:17:00 David Milton 23:30 19:24:00
Deb Clarke 28:00 19:19:00 Chris Barr 23:30 19:24:00
Kelly Law 28:00 19:19:00 Joanne Jones 22:45 19:25:00
Rob Kersey 27:30 19:19:30 Mickey Tivers 22:30 19:25:30
Vicky Noble 27:30 19:19:30 Leighton Moxon 22:00 19:26:00
Andrew Clarke 27:00 19:20:00 Chris Beadle 21:30 19:26:30
Heidi King 27:00 19:20:00 Louis Cromwell 21:30 19:26:30
Charles Crossland 27:00 19:20:00 James Washington 20:00 19:28:00
Andrew Kerry 26:00 19:21:00 Paul Sammonds 19:30 19:28:30


Any questions, please contact Kevin Dessoy (kevindessoy@yahoo.co.uk)


The race should be finished by 8pm.

6 training road races of 5k on the first Tuesday of the month (where possible) from April to September.

How to attend the Tuesday Handicap 2024 - Road Race 1

Sign up online using the form below.

When entering your name, please add your estimated 5k time in the field on the entry form

This is to give the starter a fair chance of getting the starting order correct.  Your first race time will be used for the second race.

If you have entered an earlier race in the series, you do not have to enter online again.  We will assume you will coming along to as many of the races as you can.


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