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Contact info: Lauren Storr: E. laurenjaynestorr@gmail.com

Lauren’s speed sessions are aimed at senior athletes (U17’s and above) wanting to improve their speed with a particular focus on athletes competing in the senior Track and Field team. Speed is a key element not only in sprinters, but jumpers, throwers and middle distance athletes alike. Lauren’s sessions focus on all aspects of speed, strength and endurance needed to push that final 400m lap in a 1500m race, or training the body to switch on the fast twitch fibres giving you that extra 100th of a second PB over the 100m distance.

Originally the group was set up by senior athletics coach John Buckingham in the late 90’s, having coached for over 20 years at the Harriers seeing some of his athletes gain national and international recognition the baton was then passed to one of John’s longest serving athlete’s and coach; Lauren Storr who has now been coaching the group since 2015. The sessions follow a very similar pattern to those of John’s original schedule with a few new added extras.

The group welcomes athletes aiming to progress through to the senior track and field competitions and anyone looking to gain some well needed speed.

*Covid-19 update* 10/4/21

Summer training will be on the grass track (weather permitting) throughout the summer months focusing on technical drills, speed and speed insurance for athletes wanting to improve their speed across the shorter sprint events to building strength for the middle distance athletes.

All athletes joining the group must be 14 and over.

Early summer(as Covid restrictions ease); the group will be meeting at the earlier time of 5.30 pm (normally Thursdays).

Once restrictions ease further, we will aim to continue with the 5.30 pm session one night and return to 7 pm on the other training night. Craig Sheard will take the later session when Lauren is not available.

For further information please contact Lauren; laurenjaynestorr@gmail.com


Speed is a key element not only in sprinters, but jumpers, throwers and middle distance athletes alike…

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