Thursday Speed and Stamina

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When:  Every Thursday at 7:00pm

Where: Neiley Clubhouse

Cost:  Free - part of the normal club sessions

How to take part:  Just turn up

Session Plans and Timetable:  See below


Purpose:  A rolling 8-week program to improve speed / stamina / running fitness for endurance athletes (those wishing to race / run 5k + distance).

Audience:  All senior (age 17+) Harriers.  Although recognising that this is not suitable for track & field athletes and is run to cater for those Harriers that for whatever reason prefer not to run as part of Alwyn’s speed group.

Format:  Formal warm-up.  Drills and main session exercise.  Cool down.  Stretching.

Intensity:  Based on RPE (Rate of Perceived Exertion).

10 All out sprint – maximum effort, sustainable for 20-30 seconds, unable to talk
9 Very hard intensity – hard to speak, breathing laboured after a few second, requires focus, sustainable for 1-1 ½ minutes
8 Hard intensity – requires focus to maintain, single words, 5k PB effort
7 Vigorous activity – 2-3 word sentences, becomes uncomfortable quickly, requires effort
6 Hard activity – laboured breathing, challenging, sustainable for 30-60 minutes, short sentances
5 Progressive pace – pushing and effort to maintain conversation
4 Comfortable with some effort – pushing, maintain sentences without struggling
3 Comfortable – maintain a conversation without getting out of breath while running
2 Light effort – gentle easy to maintain conversation
1 Minimal effort – gentle walk

Footwear: road shoes are fine.

Speed and stamina training should be part of every runner’s training. All are welcome to this session.

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