Parlauf Heats

23 July , 2024

This event has passed this year! See you next year. Don't forget to check for photos and results.
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At a Glance:

  • HQ: Neiley
  • Registration from:  6:15pm
  • Start Time: 7:00pm
  • Distance: Until the final whistle blows
  • Terrain: Grass track
  • Cost:  Nil


To all club members young and old please read.

This is a great event for the whole club as it involves everyone, no matter age or ability.

This year’s Parlauf Heats will take place on Tuesday 23rd July 2024 on the field adjacent to the club house.

The first races will start as soon as possible after 7pm.

Registration is from 6:15 so please arrive early so your attendance is confirmed and the pairs can be worked out ASAP.

The final will take place at 6:45pm on Tuesday 10th September. This will allow Club members to support and watch the final before the normal training runs.

This is a truly great club event and is the only one that involves the whole club juniors and seniors so we want all ages to take part whether you are a Puma or Cheetah, new runner or experienced, young or old.

Runners are graded from faster to slower with the fastest and slowest being paired together, then 2nd fastest with 2nd slowest and so on, thus giving every pair a chance.

Each heat lasts for 10 minutes with the runners running half a lap at a time.

The heat winners plus some of the losing pairs who ran the farthest will qualify for the final.

Run laps of the marked out grass circuit, passing the baton between the cones according to marshal instructions.

That's it! You keep going until a whistle.

  1. First whistle - you are still allowed to change baton.
  2. Second whistle - whoever has the baton MUST keep running.
  3. Final whistle. STOP!

Teams from each heat qualify for the finals.

Please enter on form on the Notice Board or contact John McFadzean on 07800 507824 or by email at

Note that there will be no other Junior training that day as they will all be doing this event.  If a junior will be there on the 23rd let John McFadzean know so they can be paired up to give them a chance.

Our only event when adults and juniors work together in teams.

How to attend the Parlauf Heats

Entry is by email or text to John McFadzean

07800 507824

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