Monday Strengthening & Conditioning Session

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EVENT UPDATE: Every Monday at 7.30 pm

At a Glance:

Strengthening and conditioning sessions aim to help all participants improve their core strength, balance and power.

HQ: Neiley

Start Time: 7.30pm, every Monday night for about 80 minutes.

Cost: £1.00 per week, payable in weekly blocks of 8 sessions in advance. Contact Phil Hanson for bank details.

Organised By: Phil Hanson


Why Strengthening and Conditioning?

The sessions are aimed at helping regular participants to improve their core strength, increase their power fitness and improve their balance as well as  help improve plyometric flexibility in the legs. Improvements to the core, to power fitness, balance and plyometric fitness all contribute to making participants stronger runners and less susceptible to injury. S&C sessions are also  very good when recovery from injury, as you can exercise without running, or only running very gently. S&C sessions are more focussed than Pilates on running, cycling and swimming needs, and are very definitely NOT circuit training, which is more about purely improving endurance.

Pattern of each Session

We start each session with a RAMP warm up and then follow a 13 station circuit of 3 stations concerned with improving Power Fitness, 3 stations to improve Core Fitness and 3 stations focussing on improving Balance. The final station is to help improve Plyometric leg fitness. Each station is repeated twice, to give a 26 station exercise session. All exercises last for a timed minute. Occasionally, the number of stations is reduced and the time on each station extended. We finish with a 10 minute static stretching session.


The charge for each session is £1 per person and is payable in 8 week blocks. Please arrange to pay for each 8 week block in advance, direct to Harriers bank account. Phil Hanson has the Club bank details for payment of the £8.

Any questions please do contact or 07740867717

Phil Hanson

Strengthening & Conditioning (S&C) Sessions take place at Neiley from 7.30 pm on Monday evenings throughout the year and last a little over an hour.

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