Holmfirth Junior Triathlon

A Holmfirth Harriers open event

25 June , 2022

This event has passed this year! See you next year. Don't forget to check for photos and results.
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EVENT UPDATE: Event now open for registration





Holmfirth Junior Triathlon 

Sunday 18th July 2021

Salendine Nook High School, New Hey Road, Huddersfield HD3 4GN


The following information is subject to changes that may be required if there are still restrictions in social mixing.



There is plenty of parking on site, please follow the signs.



Registration will take place in the sports hall, follow the signs.  Check your race start time, don’t be late!

Registration opens at 11:30pm please make sure all Tristart and Tristar 1s have registered before 12:45pm. Other athletes please register before from 2pm when registration will close.  Please collect your goodie bag which will contain your race number, pins, helmet stickers, bike sticker. Collect your Timing Chip (chips will be charged for if lost or not returned at the end of the race).

Your left arm will be marked with your race number.  Race belts are permitted, please wear your number on the back for the cycle section and on the front for the run section.  Otherwise please pin your number at four corners on the front of your vest/t-shirt.


A race briefing will take place at approx. 12.45am by transition.  Please attend for last minute instruction.  The first race will commence approx. 1pm, individual race start times will be posted by registration.  The event will be run under British Triathlon rules which can be found on the British Triathlon website.

This is a continuously timed event starting with a pool swim, grass bike and grass run.

Approximate Start of Each Age Group.

TS 13:00:00
TS1 13:10:00
TS2 13:40:00
TS3/Youth 14:50:00


Racking will be numbered, rack you bike in the same place as your race number.  Please follow instruction on how to rack your bike.  Your helmet and bike will be checked on entering the transition area.  Please make sure your helmet is fastened and the strap cannot go past your chin.  Make sure you note your bike position and where to enter and exit the transition area for your bike and run sections.  Note; transition will be one-way direction when racing.



Please make sure bike tyres are pumped up and brakes are in working order before setting off in the morning!

For security competitors must collects their own bike after the race.  Transition is restricted to competitors only.  There are marshals in transition to assist the athletes.  If you have any questions, please speak to the race official or race marshals in transition area.


Racking Times

Please rack you bike once you have your stickers and number on.  Follow direction in transition on racking and collecting your bike.  TS3 and Youth/Juniors can rack at anytime, but best between 1:30pm and 2:30pm.  Access to the transition area will be restricted during racing. Rack/collection under direction from the marshals in transition, do not enter unless instructed to do so, please be aware of other around you are racing when collecting your bike.



Your swim start time will be on display, we will keep to schedule as much as possible.


Athlete changing areas/sowers are inside the pool, boys downstairs and girls upstairs.  Please make sure you are in the entrance to the changing area/pool at least 10 minutes before your swim start time.  You will be directed onto pool side for your swim heat, please follow instructions from the marshal.  It is normal to swim in trunks/swimsuit or a tri suit.  Boys who use trunks for the swim will be required to wear a t-shirt after existing the swim.  Front crawl or breast strokes allowed only. No Back Crawl or Fly.   You may be issued with a swim hat before you swim by your lane marshal.


Due to the lack of space on poolside, sorry, but there will be no spectators allowed on poolside.  


You will be shown a ‘2 lengths’ to go sign during your swim.  Tumble turns will be permitted but please be aware of other swimmers in your lane.  Once you have completed your indicated laps exit the pool to transition.



The bike will be completed on a grass course.  You leave your goggles and swim cap next to your bike.  Put on your trainers, number belt, put on and secure your helmet before touching your bike.  Do not ride in the transition area.  Push your bike and mount after the mount line.  Drafting or taking pace during the cycle section is not allowed.  Follow the course to complete your indicated bike laps.


Return to transition after completing your laps and dismount your bike before the dismount line.  Push your bike back to transition and rack your bike back in your spot before removing your helmet (you are not allowed to run in your helmet).  Follow Run Out to the run course.


Water Station.  There will be a water station available on the run and at the end of the race.  If possible, put a bottle holder on your bike and fill bottle with water so you can drink on the bike section to keep hydrated.


The run section of the race will take place on a flat grass surface.  Follow the direction of the course and complete your indicated laps before you enter the finish chute to collect your finisher’s medal!



Please make a note of your swim, cycle and run laps.  It is the responsibility of each competitor to count his or her own laps.   If you do too few laps your time will not count.  If you do too many laps your time will stand and not be adjusted.

Age Group Swim Bike Run
Tri-Start 45m (2L) 800m (1L) 600m (1L)
TriStar 1 135m (6L) 2000m (2L) 1200m (2L)
TriStar 2 180m (8L) 4000m (4L) 1800m (3L)
TriStar 3 270m (12L) 5000m (5L) 2400m (4L)
Youth/Junior 270m (12L) 5000m (5L) 2400m (4L)



The race official may give time penalties if competitors; ride in transition, draft/take pace of another bike, do not secure helmet correctly, do not rack bike correctly.  For full rules see British Triathlon website.



Due to limited space there will be no spectators allowed on poolside.  Please do not try to cross any part of the course while competitors are on the course especially the bike section.  Please do not hassle the time keepers, counters or marshals out on the course while races are going on.  Competitors may be disqualified if parents interfere with any officials’ duties. Please give positive encouragement to all the children!



We would like all children taking part and parents/supporters to enjoy the day and behave fairly.   Please do not obstruct other children during the race, be aware of others racing around you, treat others how you would hope to be treated.  Aggressive or rude behaviour towards other competitors, marshals or officials from children or parents/supporters will not be tolerated and could lead to disqualification.



If you wish to take photographs at the event, please register at the registration desk where you will be given a sticker.  This is in compliance with the BTF child Protection Policy



Toilets are available for spectators inside the sports hall.  Toilet and shower facilities are available in the pool for competitors only.



Refreshments of tea/coffee and buns will be available.  There will also be tickets for the raffle on sale.


The presentations will take place by the finish area for Tristart and Tri 1 approx.  2:15pm.  Tri 2, Tri 3, Youth and Junior will take place approx. 4:15pm once results have been collated and checked.  Awards will be given for first three girls and boys in each age group.  Each athlete will receive a medal at the finish.  Full results will be available on the web a day or two after the event.  Live timings will be available on the day.



We hope you have an enjoyable day and support all the children throughout the event.

However, things sometimes go wrong so please support all the children and remember the volunteers on the day are giving up their time for this event.

Remember to have fun and cross the line with a smile!

Friendly Triathlon (swim, bike, run) event for all abilities age 8 to 17 (age at 31 December 2021) run by Holmfirth Harriers AC.

How to attend the Holmfirth Junior Triathlon

Participants – via the event web site link above

Marshall Volunteers/offers of help on the day – please contact John Levick on john.levick@hotmail.com or 07910 565770

Any parent/guardian helping on the day secures a Holmfirth Harriers member discount of £10 – Use Discount Code HHTRI after confirmation with John – available to 31st May

Previous results from the Holmfirth Junior Triathlon