Holmfirth Junior Duathlon

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24 April , 2022

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Holmfirth Junior Duathlon

The Junior Duathlon for children aged 8-16 years is on Sunday afternoon 24th April at the Brooksbank School cycle track. Any youngsters wanting to try out this run / bike / run format on a safe traffic free track are welcome.

Series Events – British Triathlon

Brooksbank Junior Duathlon 2022 – British Triathlon

Brooksbank Cycle Track, Hammerstone Leach Lane, Elland, HX5 0TA


There will be a training session on Sunday 10th April 12noon-2pm at the track for both adults and Juniors to practice their bike handling skills and transition skills under the guidance of Triathlon coaches. Contact

johnlevick@hotmail.com <mailto:johnlevick@hotmail.com> for further details.


Just a reminder as track and field season looms, there is still a coached track session for adults and juniors, Tuesdays 5.30pm-6.30pm. It’s free! No KAL membership required.

Before leaving home:

Please ensure your bicycle is road-worthy and that the brakes are operating safely.  Change into your race kit. Complete the health questionnaire. Remember to bring a full drinks bottle.


Parking is at Brooksbank School, Victoria Rd, Elland, West Yorkshire HX5 0QG.  There is plenty of parking please follow direction of the marshals in the car park.  Do not park on the road or block the entrance to the track, thank you.


Registration opens at 11:30am.  Locate the Registration desk (or Tent), produce your BTF race licence and health questionnaire, and collect race number, bike identification sticker and chip.

Crossing Point

Please take care crossing the bike course and use only the crossing point provided to cross to the grass run/start/finish/viewing area.   Please keep to the designated viewing areas, do not duck under tape, please follow marshal instructions at all times.  This is for your safety and the safety of all athletes racing.


Race belts are permitted, please wear your number on the back for the cycle section and on the front for the run section.  Otherwise please pin your number at four corners on the front of your vest/t-shirt.

Fix bike sticker to the seat post.

Race Briefing

Any additional information to this document will be emailed out a few days before the event, and last minute changes will be visibly displayed at Registration.

Start Times
 Approximate start times 

Tristart Girls    1:00pm

Tristart Boys   1:10pm

Tristar 1 Girls  1:20pm 

Tristar 1 Boys  1:40pm

Tristar 2 Girls   2:00pm 

Tristar 2 Boys   2:20pm

Tristar 3/Youth/Junior Girls       2:40pm 

Tristar 3/Youth/Junior Boys       3:00pm



Transition will be appropriately sized to meet social distancing requirements. Transition is restricted to competitors only.  There are marshals in transition to assist the younger athletes.  Numbered Racking.  Please rack you bike once you have your stickers on.  Access to the transition area will be managed during racing. Please follow instruction on how to rack your bike, rack your bike on your race number on the racking. On entry to Transition your helmet must be on your head and fastened so that the strap does not hang below the chin and the helmet does not fall off when your head is bowed. You will be asked to demonstrate the effectiveness of your brakes by applying both brakes and pushing the bicycle forwards and backwards to evidence the locked wheels. Make sure you note your bike position and where to enter and exit the transition area for your bike and run sections.


For security competitors must collects their own bike after the race, so have your race number to collect your bike from transition.  If you have any questions, please speak to the race official or race marshals in transition area.


Run 1

Run 1 will commence at the Start point and you will complete your indicated number of run laps.  Then follow the course to the transition area to collect your bike.


The bike will be completed on the tarmac circuit in an anti-clock wise direction.  On entering transition, you must put on and secure your helmet before touching your bike.  Do not ride in the transition area.  Push your bike and follow the bike out sign and mount after the mount line.  Drafting or taking pace from another rider during the cycle section is not allowed.  Follow the course to complete your indicated bike laps on the inside of the track, overtake on the right, then follow bike in sign to transition.  Dismount your bike before the dismount line.  Push your bike back to rack your bike back in your spot before removing your helmet.  Follow Run Out sign.


Run 2 

Follow the direction of the course and complete your indicated laps before you enter the finish chute.



Please make a note of your run and cycle laps.  It is the responsibility of each competitor to count his or her own laps.   If you do too few laps your time will not count.  If you do too many laps your time will stand and not be adjusted.

                               Laps      Run1   Bike   Run2

                               TS           1          2        1*   (TS Run 2 is a shorter lap)

                               TS1         3          5        1

                               TS2         4          8        1

                               TS3/Y/J  5         10       2


The race official may give time penalties if competitors; ride in transition, draft/take pace of another bike, do not secure helmet correctly, do not rack bike correctly.  For full rules see British Triathlon website.  Don’t worry too much, have fun!


Spectators Parents/Supporters  

British Triathlon discourages the attendance of spectators.  However for those attending please use only the crossing point to cross the cycle track.  Please do not try to cross any part of the course while competitors are on the course especially the bike section.  Do not run alongside children.  Please give positive encouragement to all the children!



We would like all children taking part and parents/supporters to enjoy the day and behave fairly.   Please do not obstruct other children during the race, be aware of others racing around you, treat others how you would hope to be treated.  Aggressive or rude behaviour towards other competitors, marshals or officials from children or parents/supporters will not be tolerated and will lead to disqualification.  REMEMBER THIS IS NOT THE OLYMPICS, EVERYONE IS VOLUNTEERING THEIR TIME, HAVE FUN!



Refreshments of tea/coffee and buns will hopefully be available. Toilets are available.


Time My Race will produce results from Chip timing.



We hope you have an enjoyable day and support all the children throughout the event.

However, things sometimes go wrong so please support all the children and remember the volunteers on the day are giving up their time for this event.

Remember to have fun and cross the line with a smile!

Friendly duathlon (run, bike, run) event for all abilities age 8 to 16 (age at 31 December 2021) run by Holmfirth Harriers AC. A Safe, Fun Event! Grass run and closed-circuit tarmac bike.

How to attend the Holmfirth Junior Duathlon

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Brooksbank Junior Duathlon 2022 – British Triathlon


The organiser is in need of 15 volunteers to help set up and marshal the Holmfirth Junior Duathlon on Sunday 24th April between 9 am and 4pm (or part of). It is at the Brooksbank School cycle track in Elland.

Marshall Volunteers/offers of help on the day – please contact John Levick on john.levick@hotmail.com or 07910 565770

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