Beginners and Returners course

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Beginners / Returners sessions are very popular indeed, normally running about 3 or 4 times a year.

Chris Hobson or Phil Hanson run a twice a week couch to 5k course for 6 weeks on training nights, where they encourage current members to help run this 6 week course.

Phil also introduces runners to his Thursday night speed and stamina sessions, to illustrate that his sessions can be used by all.

You will meet existing running members, helping potential new members to integrate. You will also see for yourself that training really works.

We start off very much on a run / walk format, and with really unfit runners this starts off with more walking than running. Coaches usually also encourage all members to do a session of static stretches on arrival back at Neiley.

We charge £10 for the course, which goes towards paying the running licence so they are insured. The £10 comes off any subsequent membership fees paid.

A 6 week course for those who are absolutely beginners in the sport of running, or those returning to running after a break for some reason.