YVAA Grand Prix

Championship details:

We, YVAA, are now planning the 2023 version of the Multi-terrain GP Series. You will be able to enter just a single race or have a go at the age group championships by entering 6 or more events if 7 in total or if we get 9 or 10 events offered then you might need to complete 8 events.

For every race you run you are awarded points depending on your position. These count towards your individual series score and also the team series score.

So far we have 4 clubs that have said they will put on an race and we hope to have between 7 and 10 spread between March and November.

Our own, HH,  event from Neiley is on Sunday 23rd April. keep an eye on the club Facebook group and your emails for announcements re entry and also helping with the race.




YVAA Grand Prix Results

YVAA Grand Prix Photos

Photo from Jon B(27)