West Yorkshire Cross Country Championship

Championship details:

Well attended by our club, from our youngest juniors right through to the vets, we love this series. Join us!

If you're new to cross-country or just thinking about having a go then Holmfirth competes in the WYCC league. This is a series of 4 races, usually in October, November and December (see Race Calendar on Website and also at the bottom of this page) and these races are suitable for runners of all abilities. Races start in the morning for juniors, with the senior women usually running at about 1.45pm and the senior men at about 2.15pm. Races are usually in parkland settings but in wet weather can be very muddy when studded shoes or ideally cross country spikes should be worn. In very dry conditions trail shoes can sometimes be used. If you are interested in taking part then talk to Chris Beadle, Helena Croft or Helen Haigh. The entry sheet is on the Cross Country notice board (or by completing the form at the foot of one of the 4 race pages - you only have to enter once) and the cost is £20 for U13/U15/U17,  £15 for U11 and £30 for Seniors for all 4 races.

The dates are usually announced in August and will appear on the website.  Each club has to pre-enter its runners so if you wish to take part in this series you should enter via the website or by notifying the current Cross Country Secretary and pay the entry fee upfront before entries close (usually before mid-September). You do not have to do all 4 races, but to qualify for age group medals and an overall position you must do 3 of the 4. Every runner gains points for the team with the first 5 counters in the senior men’s race making up the 1st team, the first 4 counters in the women’s race and usually the first 3 in the junior races. We have to complete a team in each of the 4 races to get an overall team result. U20 age group runners take part in the senior race.

West Yorkshire Cross Country Championship Results