Parlauf Heats 2015

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Neiley, Honley, 23rd June 2015

The Parlauf heats took place on Tuesday 23rd of June 2015 in almost perfect conditions which led to some very fast and competitive racing with a record 132 athletes of all ages and abilities taking part.

The results have now been worked out the qualifiers are the six heat winning pairs and the next five pairs that ran the furthest.

Kai Sunman / Zara Farrow
Andy Shaw / Jasper Anderson
Finn Kerry / Jacob Eustance
Aaron Kettlewell / Tom Oliver
Ellie Sunman / Brandon Kudita
Callum Durrans / Harry Elliot
Zoe Storr / Cameron Lightfoot
Isabel Richardson / William Pickering
Christian Green / Sam Crawshaw
Daniel Howatson / Emily Travis
Craig Sheard  / Lucien Fullalove

Full results are provided below.

Congratulations to all those who qualified for the final and a big thank you to all who took part, especially the adults as it was great to see so many of you running and it made it a great event.

I also wish to mention those who helped to make the night successful.

Roger Bradley who set out the course, John Buckingham who organised the races and was the man with the whistle, Helen Berry and Mary Shepherd who did a sterling job in recruiting and marshalling the recorders and of course the recorders themselves. Who must have been getting dizzy watching the athletes run round.

Finally a big thanks to Kath Farquhar for helping with the registration and grading of the runners which was no mean feat before taking part herself.

The final is next Tuesday 30th of June starting at 7:45pm, so if you are out a run or training try to get back to support the finalists and will all 11 pairs being within 60m in distance covered in the heats it looks to be an exciting final in prospect.

John McFadzean QPM

Club President.

Results: Full results in excel

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