Senior Point to Point or the "Haigh Cup"

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This is the least well known of the three race Club Championship series which includes the ever popular "Tinker Cup" and well known "Past Members 6",all of which are handicapped but the Championship is on an aggregate best time basis.

As point to point implies the race involves visiting points using your own route choice and the handicap is "open" i.e. set off at intervals in reverse order for a theoretical mass finish. Traditionally competitors had no need to worry if they strayed off the public footpath which meant pretty well anywhere but private land.

We are now restricted to roads and public footpaths. What constitutes a public footpath such as the Neiley Cliffe wood path or the many new paths being created by dog walkers? These are definitely not on the map but definitely in general use!

In the past points points had to be visited in a certain order but now it is up to you. Although utilising  roads only is within the rules it would be boring if that was the obvious best route and might even flag up road safety issues so the aim is always to select points which encourage off road route choices.

Point to point small map

Point to point, points and restricted areas
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The next point to point race takes place on Tuesday 25th April 2017 and it would be great to have a good turnout. 


To register, please enter your name on the entry sheet down at Neiley Pavilion so that you can be allocated a handicap.

Registration for the senior point to point is £2 on the night at Neiley from 6.30 to 6.50 p.m at the latest and we need to be starting near Storthes Hall as soon as possible after that time.

For all those pre handicapped that have difficulty getting to registration before that time but can just make the 7.10 p.m start my mobile number is 07599974883.


Car park on Farnley Road grid ref 175120 and actual point  is footpath/Storthes Hall Lane, junction grid ref 176122

OTHER POINTS in no order, your choice.


View the Point to Point map including points and restricted areas


Points for Tuesday 26th April 2016
 Car park on Farnley Road grid ref 175120 and actual point  is footpath/Storthes Hall Lane
junction grid ref 176122
OTHER POINTS in no order, your choice.
Low Town,Kirkburton,lane/footpath junc grid ref 196124 - 200m from church
Near Shepley,  junction of 2 footpaths grid ref 186097 - 200m from Jenkyn Lane
Huddersfield Road from  GR 199123 to 203116
Penistone Road from GR 192121 to 193113
Thunder Bridge Lane GR 192121 to 188115
Greenside Road and Brown`s Knoll Road  GR 173114 to 171112
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