WYCCL - Race 4 - Wakefield - 9th December 2012

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Thrilling Finale for Harriers in cross country League final in Wakefield. 


Holmfirth athletes covered them in glory in the final fixture of the West Yorkshire Cross country league on Sunday at Thornes Park in Wakefield, continuing the excellent series of results from the previous three fixtures and sealing success with team and individual wins in the both Sundays races and the league overall.

Holmfirth’s medal haul included team gold medals in five of the ten races and individual gold medal in four and podium places and top ten finished for many others. This was without doubt Holmfirth’s most successful league campaign in years.

FreddieThe U11 boys , always the first race of the league programme, has been a real highlight this season and no less so on Sunday. With league leader Callum Durrans unable to run Freddie Wilkinson lead out the usual charge of amber vests leading the race from the gun and remaining in the lead until the final corner where he just lost out in a sprint for the line. With this excellent performance Freddie clinched a bronze medal for the league overall and Callum gold with three out of four races counting towards the league. Arron Smith was next back for Holmfirth in 8th closely followed by Ned Johnson 9th and Sam Bedingfield 10th, Sam also picked up a medal for finishing 6th overall. Jack Marsden, Dan Tinson and George Hobbs finished in quick succession in 27th, 30th and 31st, Archie Hall 44th, Sean Keddie 49th, William Amaral 51st and Sam Brown 54th. The boys won the league title with ease having finished first in each of the 4 league races.

FrancesThe U11 girls just missed out on league medals after they tied for third place and missed out on count back. With most of the team having another year in this age group this result looks good for the future. In Sunday’s race the girls were lead home by Francis Keddie in 10th, Emily Travis 13th, Millie Yates 23rd, Alice Shelbourne 25th, Sophie Kettlewell 28th, Lizzy Burdon 33rd and Ella McFarlane rounding off the Holmfirth contigent in 36th. In the league overall two of the girls achived a top 10 spot, Sunnivah Waterman 8th and Francis Keddie 9th.

Libby2The U13 girls knew they had to run well if they were going to win the league with this in mind the girls ran with real commitment Libby Shepherd consistent in 6th, Genevieve Durrans 7th and Sophie Allan fighting off the effects of a bad cold just behind in 11th. This was enough for 2nd place on the day but more crucially edged the team from Skyrac in to 2nd place in the league overall and the girls took the gold medals on count back. Also running well on Sunday for the club Lia Carter in 23rd and Amy Kettlewell 26th and Holly Bailey-Taylor 50th. Libby Shepherd and Genevieve Durrans also achieved top 10 in the league overall Libby 6th and Genevieve 7th.

Jimmy Nicky2Another young team with great potential the U13 boys took home bronze medals for the league just missing out on Silver on count back. Jimmy Burke lead the boys back in 8th place with Nicky Farquhar hot on his heels in 11th and Ollie Rees consistent as ever in 21st. Harry Shelbourne was just behind him 23rd, William Johnson 26th, Fionn Kerry 40th, Isaac Brown 54th and Harry Hobbs 63rd.

15sThe U15 girls like the U11 boys managed the league double with both team and individual gold. League champion Olivia Sykes just missed out on a clean sweep of wins on Sunday finishing second to Ella Eadon of York however her league title was never in doubt. The girls won the team race on Sunday with ease, Lucy Byram powering through the field in 5th and Erica Byram in 8th. Daisy Smith had her usual consistent run to finish in 22nd. Both Byram girls managed to get in the medals along with Olivia, Lucy finishing in 5th and Erica 6th.

Lewis4Lewis Byram concluded his league campaign with a win over local rival Emile Cairess of Bingley. The boys were neck and neck until the finishing straight where Lewis kicked for home , winning with a four second margin. This was Lewis’s 3 win of the season and unbelievably his 4th league title in four consecutive years having won as an U13 twice and last year in the u15 age group. Aaron Kettlewell and Seth Waterman continued their good run of form pushing each other to the line to finish in 10th and 11th place. The boys finished 2nd team on the day but a fantastic first overall in the league the third double gold of the day. Isaac Shepherd had another good run finishing 16th, George Green 18th, Lavell Pierre 19th,Alex Robinson 23rd and Andrew Farquhar 24th.

Ruby Sykes enjoyed the muddy conditions once again with a strong run in the U17 women’s race to finish 11th, Sophie Spencer with a strong finish in 15th, Lucy Farquhar 16th and Sophie Williams 22nd. The team finished 3rd on the day and the girls picked up bronze medals for the league overall.

In the U17 men’s race Eddie Hinchcliffe was first back in 15th place, Jonty Winn 22nd and Robert Hinchcliffe 26th. The boys finished 5th team in the league overall.

katieAll that was left for the Senior Ladies to do to secure victory in the team event was to finish a complete team in this final race. With ten amber vests turning out this was never in doubt and the ladies won the team in this event, giving them an overall score of three wins and one third place. The host club (Wakefield) turned out their international athletes to give Holmfirth’s Katie Walshaw some tough competition. Charlene Thomas, the GB 1500m runner, took the lead with Katie hot on her heels for the first lap, but soon dropping off the pace to battle it out with the other Wakefield athlete Julie Briscoe. The Wakefield athletes gradually pulled away from Katie, leaving her in very respectable 3rd place (21:04) and still a huge 46 seconds ahead of the 4th place runner. Katie retained her series title with her 3rd place adding to two previous wins. Both the Holmfirth Helens (Fines and Berry) were amongst the chasing group, with Fines having a great run in 6th (21:59) and Berry disappointed with 8th place (22:14). They finished 3rd and 2nd respectively in the V35 series category. Claire Leaver had her best run of the series with a strong run throughout to finish the fourth and final team counter in 12th place (22:54) and 4th overall in the Open Women’s league, just one place ahead of Kath Farquhar (22:55). Margaret Sykes topped off a successful series in 19th (23:25) to take the V40 3rd prize, with Kath 2nd in the same category. Lucy Needham has run consistently throughout the series, with a fine 26th place on Sunday (24:03) and 7th in the overall Open Women’s league, as has Helen Pettit (56th in 26:05) which helped earn her the league V45 3rd prize. Lucy Verrill has improved since the first race and ran well to finish 60th (26:40), backed up by the ever enthusiastic Jo Bailey –Taylor in 80th (28:41) and Emma Serjeant in 90th (29:37).

RichardAHolmfirth’s senior men travelled to Thornes Park, Wakefield for the final race in the West Yorkshire Cross Country League. Varying results over the first three races in the series meant that both individual and team prizes were up for grabs. Strong winds and a muddy course didn’t deter 183 athletes who took to the start line. Due to injury, Holmfirth were unable to compete with the likes of Leeds City who, once again dominated the event with International James Walsh taking first place in a time of 32.35. Richard Anderson, who goes from strength to strength, produced Holmfirth’s best run with 4th place (2nd Senior Man, 33.46). Triathlete Craig Boggon and Fell specialist Alistair Rees had a battle for the next place with Craig just edging it in 39th (37.23) and Alistair in 40th (37.25). David Williams was 98th (40.22) followed by Jonny Sykes in 104th (40.37). The final counter for the team was Wayne Byram in 117th (41.35). This result put Holmfirth Harriers in 9th place on the day and 6th Team Overall. Other Holmfirth finishers were: Chris Beadle 131st (43.06), Kevin Yewlett 139th (44.06), Andrew Kerry 149th (44.55), John Field 172nd (49.55), Simon Edwards 177th (51.52), Steve White 179th (52.55) & Tim Cock 180th (53.31).
Series prizes went to Richard Anderson (3rd Senior Man), Kevin Yewlett (2nd M60) & Tim Cock (1st M70).

Holmfirth’s cross country teams will next be action in the Yorkshire Cross country Championships on 5th January at Lightwater Valley near Ripon.

Race Results

Under 11 Boys
2 00:05:19 WILKINSON, Freddie Holmfirth 270
8 00:05:34 SMITH, Arron Holmfirth 269
9 00:05:35 JOHNSON, Ned Holmfirth 263
10 00:05:36 BEDINGFIELD, Samuel Holmfirth 265
27 00:05:54 MARSDEN, Jack Holmfirth 262
30 00:06:00 TINSON, Dan Holmfirth 271
31 00:06:00 HOBBS, George Holmfirth 264
44 00:06:18 HALL, Archie Holmfirth 260
49 00:06:34 KEDDIE, Sean Holmfirth 257
51 00:06:42 AMARAL, William Holmfirth 266
54 00:06:51 BROWN, Sam Holmfirth 259
Under 11 Girls
10 00:06:15 KEDDIE, Frances Holmfirth 181
13 00:06:34 TRAVIS, Emily Holmfirth 179
23 00:06:48 YATES, Millie Holmfirth 184
25 00:06:56 SHELBOURNE, Alice Holmfirth 186
28 00:07:05 KETTLEWELL, Sophie Holmfirth 183
33 00:07:19 BURDON, Lizzy Holmfirth 182
36 00:07:25 MCFARLANE, Ella Holmfirth 503
Under 13 Boys
8 00:11:02 BURKE, Jimmy Holmfirth 256
11 00:11:07 FARQUHAR, Nicky Holmfirth 252
21 00:11:25 REES, Oliver Holmfirth 249
23 00:11:29 SHELBOURNE, Harry Holmfirth 254
26 00:11:40 JOHNSON, William Holmfirth 255
40 00:12:32 KERRY, Finn Holmfirth 248
54 00:13:31 BROWN, Isaac Holmfirth 253
63 00:14:33 HOBBS, Harry Holmfirth 250
Under 13 Girls
6 00:12:17 SHEPHERD, Libby Holmfirth 168
7 00:12:24 DURRANS, Genevieve Holmfirth 178
11 00:12:36 ALLAN, Sophie Holmfirth 169
23 00:13:28 CARTER, Lia Holmfirth 166
26 00:13:31 KETTLEWELL, Amy Holmfirth 173
50 00:14:50 BAILEY-TAYLOR, Holly Holmfirth 167
Under 15 Boys
1 00:14:19 BYRAM, Lewis Holmfirth 246
9 00:15:42 KETTLEWELL, Aaron Holmfirth 243
10 00:15:49 WATERMAN, Seth Holmfirth 242
16 00:16:26 SHEPHERD, Isaac Holmfirth 240
18 00:16:33 GREEN, George Holmfirth 245
19 00:16:45 PIERRE, Lavell Holmfirth 735
23 00:17:04 ROBINSON, Alex Holmfirth 244
24 00:17:09 FARQUHAR, Andrew Holmfirth 239
Under 15 Girls
2 00:13:58 SYKES, Olivia Holmfirth 164
5 00:14:09 BYRAM, Lucy Holmfirth 161
8 00:14:24 BYRAM, Erica Holmfirth 160
22 00:16:28 SMITH, Daisy Holmfirth 163
Under 17 Men
15 00:21:26 HINCHCLIFFE, Eddie Holmfirth 233
22 00:23:15 WINN, Jonty Holmfirth 234
26 00:25:54 HINCHCLIFFE-SMITH, Robert Holmfirth 236
Under 17 Ladies
11 00:18:19 SYKES, Ruby Holmfirth 159
15 00:18:52 SPENCER, Sophie Holmfirth 155
16 00:18:59 FARQUHAR, Lucy Holmfirth 157
22 00:25:59 WILLIAMS, Sophie Holmfirth 158
Senior Ladies
3 00:21:04 WALSHAW, Katie Holmfirth SW 148
6 00:21:59 FINES, Helen Holmfirth W35 504
8 00:22:14 BERRY, Helen Holmfirth W35 145
12 00:22:54 LEAVER, Claire Holmfirth SW 149
13 00:22:55 FARQUHAR, Kath Holmfirth W40 142
19 00:23:25 SYKES, Margaret Holmfirth W40 141
26 00:24:03 NEEDHAM, Lucy Holmfirth SW 153
60 00:26:40 VERRILL, Lucy Holmfirth SW 152
80 00:28:41 BAILEY-TAYLOR, Jo Holmfirth W40 139
82 00:28:53 ASH, Claire Holmfirth W45 557
90 00:29:37 SERGEANT, Emma Holmfirth SW 154
Senior Men
4 00:33:46 ANDERSON, Richard Holmfirth SM 228
39 00:37:23 BOGGON, Craig Holmfirth JM 222
40 00:37:25 REES, Alistair Holmfirth M40 213
98 00:40:22 WILLIAMS, David Holmfirth M50 206
104 00:40:37 SYKES, Jonathan Holmfirth M45 210
117 00:41:35 BYRAM, Wayne Holmfirth M40 216
131 00:43:06 BEADLE, Chris Holmfirth M40 215
139 00:44:06 YEWLETT, Kevin Holmfirth M60 231
149 00:44:55 KERRY, Andrew Holmfirth M45 211
172 00:49:55 FIELD, John Holmfirth M35 219
177 00:51:52 EDWARDS, Simon Holmfirth M35 221
179 00:52:55 WHITE, Steve Holmfirth M55 230
180 00:53:31 COCK, Tim Holmfirth M70+ 232

Overall individual results - Please click here.

Overall team results -  Please click here.

Photos of the day - Courtesy of Deborah Byram & Norman Berry 

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