WYCCL – Race 1 - Saturday 20th October - Wetherby


Complete Runner Cross Country League

Race 1: Saturday 20th October, Wetherby

Sun shines on Holmfirth Athletes as West Yorkshire League gets underway

The 2012 cross country season got underway on Saturday with the first fixture of the West Yorkshire Cross country league. The runners were blessed with beautiful sunshine and the Wetherby  Course was relatively dry in spite of the recent weather the main hazard a proliferation of fresh cowpats.

After several years of steadily improving results team managers and coaches from the club were confident that this year would see further progress and this was certainly evident in the results. The Holmfirth club fielded full teams in all ten of the races and these teams finished in the top three in nine of these with 71 athletes turning out for the club. There were no shortage of individual success with Olivia Sykes winning the U15 girls race with a great display of front running and Katie Walshaw winning an epic battle against fellow GB fell runner Mary Wilkinson from Bingley Harriers. 

Mens team WYCCL 1 2012

There were superb runs in the senior men’s race with Jake Rowlands, Dave Watson  Richard Smith and Richard Anderson all home in the top 10 and across the junior races a further ten athletes inside the top ten in their races.

Juniors do the club proud

The Olympic effect was very evident in the first race of the day, U11 boys. An average field in previous years at this age group has been somewhere around 35 participants on Saturday 70 boys lined up amongst them ten Holmfirth Harriers. This was a thrilling race for Holmfirth, Callum Durrans leading the charge finishing second with Samuel Bedingfield hot on his heels in 3rd and Freddie Wilkinson in 5th. Only seconds behind Ned Johnson and Arron Smith fought it out for 12th and 13th place and Jack Marsden 18th. George Hobbs ran strongly in 33rd, Tom Haley-Porteous 40th, Joseph Charlesworth 47th, Archie Hall 59th and Sean Keddie 63rd. The team were easily first with 10 points (first 3 home to count).

 In the girls race at this same age group Sunnivah Waterman had her usual strong run finishing up the field in 4th, Francis Keddie was just seconds behind in 5th Emily Travis and Millie Yates sprinted it out to finish in 23rd and 24th with the same time given and Elphina Waterman and Sophie Kettlewell were equally closely matched in 30th and 32nd place. The girl’s team took third spot, superb results for both girls and boys when you consider many of these athletes were competing in their first ever cross country race.

Not to be outdone the U13 boys and girls race also included sterling performances from Holmfirth athletes. With the Olympic effect once again in evidence and 70 girls competing the girl’s race was a very close run affair with only seconds separating the top 10. Genevieve Durrans ran brilliantly to finish very strongly in 6th position; Libby Shepherd and Sophie Allan were hot on her heels in 10th and 11th and with that secured first team place. Eve Middleton continued her good form this season with a really strong run 18th as did Lia Carter 23rd and Olivia Battye 28th. Holly Bailey-Taylor and Amy Kettlewell finished within seconds of each other in 46th and 49th as did Isobel Drake and Emmy Bailey-Taylor in 59th and 61stThe boys this time finished in second place once again in a larger than usual field.  Lead home by Jimmy Burke with a superbly timed run in 6th place, Nicky Farquhar and Ollie Rees were well matched as usual in 16th and 17th place completing the team. Finn Kerry 37th, Daniel Howatson 42nd  and Harry Hobbs 70th  all ran strongly.

Lewis Bartholomew and Andrew Farquhar U15 boysJonty Winn U17 men race

After strong runs in both the Northern Road and cross country relays Olivia Sykes showed her class and produced a very strong run 15 seconds ahead of fellow Huddersfield athlete Natalie McGuire of Longwood Harriers. Erica Byram was next home for the team moving through the field in a well paced run to finish 8th. Daisy Smith completed the team in 23rd place also with a very strong run. Riona Lang in her first cross country race finished 52nd. The girl’s team came  home in 3rd place.With a field of 60 boys, almost double the usual turnout, the U15 boys race was closely fought.  The boy’s team managed one better than the girls finishing 2nd Lewis Byram first back for the boys in 5th place. Seth Waterman ran strongly to finish in 12th with Aaron Kettlewell next back in 14th place and completing the team. Lewis Bartholomew ran strongly to finish in 22nd with team mates Andrew Farquhar 24th and Alex Robinson 27th and Isaac Shepherd 28th all hot on his heels,  this Alex’s first cross country race. George Green had a solid run in 35th. run to finish in first   place,

With full teams in both U17s age groups Holmfirth for the first time fielded teams in all the junior races, the only club in the league to do so. The U17 teams both finished strongly the girl’s third team, with Lucy Farquhar 11th, Sophie Spencer 12th and Ruby Sykes 15th the team counters and Sophie Williams 24th. The boys finished 6th team Jonty Winn with a really strong run, this his first cross country race, to finish 16th, Eddie Hinchcliffe 22nd and Robert Hinchcliffe-Smith in 34th.



Katie Walshaw WYCCL 1 2012

Women get off to a flying start

Holmfirth’s ladies got off to a flying start in this year’s league, with Katie Walshaw securing her first victory.  Katie had a battle with fellow GB Mountain Running international, Mary Wilkinson of Bingley, for most of the race but made a crucial move on the final hill with 100 metres to go. Kath Farquhar had an excellent race and was next Harrier home in 19th, closely followed by Claire Leaver in 21st.Lucy Needham had a good run and was final counter for the team in 33rd place. In a record field of 126 athletes, the Holmfirth athletes did well to secure third team behind Bingley and Leeds City.


Excellent team performance from Senior men

A grand total of  15 senior men travelled to Wetherby for the first round of the West Yorkshire Cross Country League. After an encouraging 4th place at the Northern Cross country relays two weeks previously hopes were high for another strong showing.  With the weather set fair and conditions firm underfoot the racing was fast from the gun. Quickly the trio of James Walsh (Leeds City), Dan Garbutt (Skyrac) and Ian Mitchell went clear off the front. Behind a group of five formed, four of whom were wearing the amber of Holmfirth. For the first two laps Harriers supporters were treated to the sight of Richard Anderson, Dave Watson, Jake Rowlands and Richard Smith leading the rest of the field. After 2 miles the race hit the first of its three big climbs and the Holmfirth quintet soon dissipated. Dave Watson forged ahead showing he is still a force to be reckoned with over the country. After 4 miles Jake Rowlands managed to catch and pass Dave to finish 5th. This marked an encouraging return to racing for Jake who is set to only get stronger as the season develops. Next home was Dave in 7th followed by Richard Smith in 8th who was pleased to bring the strong form he had been showing in training to race day. The top 10 was rounded off by Richard Anderson. James Little (34th) and Alistair Rees (45th) both had strong races to complete the Harriers team of 6 who finished 2nd behind Leeds City. Down the field there were other good performances. Alistair Langron ran well in 66th , Wayne Byram and Jonny  Jonny Sykes who had run round practically hand in hand sprinted it out  finishing( 134th) and (136th), Maz Khoueiry (146th, Geoff Hall (156th), Andrew Kerry (180th), Simon Edwards (200th) and Steve White (205th) all ran well to cap a successful day for the Harriers. With a number of runners set to return from injury and other commitments, the team are now targeting a medal at the Yorkshire Cross Country Championships in January.

Full Holmfirth Results

Senior Men 2nd Place
5 00:29:49 ROWLANDS, Jake Holmfirth SM 225
6 00:29:57 WATSON, David Holmfirth M40 214
8 00:30:10 SMITH, Richard Holmfirth SM 223
10 00:30:34 ANDERSON, Richard Holmfirth SM 228
34 00:32:21 LITTLE, James Holmfirth SM 224
45 00:32:55 REES, Alistair Holmfirth M40 213
68 00:33:56 LANGRON, Alistair Holmfirth SM 227
134 00:37:02 BYRAM, Wayne Holmfirth M40 216
136 00:37:03 SYKES, Jonathan Holmfirth M45 210
146 00:37:55 KHOUEIRY, Maz Holmfirth M40 217
153 00:38:25 BEADLE, Chris Holmfirth M40 215
156 00:38:48 HALL, Geoff Holmfirth M40 212
180 00:40:42 KERRY, Andrew Holmfirth M45 211
200 00:45:50 EDWARDS, Simon Holmfirth M35 221
205 00:47:59 WHITE, Steve Holmfirth M55 230
Senior Ladies 3rd Place
1 00:20:25 WALSHAW, Katie Holmfirth SW 148
19 00:22:37 FARQUHAR, Kath Holmfirth W40 142
21 00:22:52 LEAVER, Claire Holmfirth SW 149
33 00:23:42 NEEDHAM, Lucy Holmfirth SW 153
61 00:25:20 PENFOLD, Cara Holmfirth SW 151
64 00:25:26 FARRELL, Aideen Holmfirth SW 150
Under 17 Boys 6th Place
16 00:20:52 WINN, Jonty Holmfirth 234
27 00:22:21 HINCHCLIFFE, Eddie Holmfirth 233
34 00:24:15 HINCHCLIFFE-SMITH, Robert Holmfirth 236
Under 17 Girls 3rd Place
11 00:19:47 FARQUHAR, Lucy Holmfirth 157
12 00:20:01 SPENCER, Sophie Holmfirth 155
15 00:20:48 SYKES, Ruby Holmfirth 159
24 00:25:24 WILLIAMS, Sophie Holmfirth 158
Under 15 Boys 2nd Place
5 00:16:06 BYRAM, Lewis Holmfirth 246
12 00:17:13 WATERMAN, Seth Holmfirth 242
14 00:17:24 KETTLEWELL, Aaron Holmfirth 243
22 00:18:22 BARTHOLOMEW, Lewis Holmfirth 238
24 00:18:29 FARQUHAR, Andrew Holmfirth 239
27 00:18:44 ROBINSON, Alex Holmfirth 244
28 00:18:45 SHEPHERD, Isaac Holmfirth 240
35 00:19:04 GREEN, George Holmfirth 245
Under 15 Girls 3rd Place
1 00:14:24 SYKES, Olivia Holmfirth 164
8 00:15:03 BYRAM, Erica Holmfirth 160
23 00:16:44 SMITH, Daisy Holmfirth 163
52 00:20:34 LANG, Riona Holmfirth 165
Under 13 Boys 3rd Place
6 00:13:58 BURKE, Jimmy Holmfirth 256
16 00:14:39 FARQUHAR, Nicky Holmfirth 252
17 00:14:45 REES, Oliver Holmfirth 249
37 00:16:10 KERRY, Finn Holmfirth 248
42 00:16:26 HOWATSON, Daniel Holmfirth 247
70 00:19:29 HOBBS, Harry Holmfirth 250
Under 13 Girls Winners 1st
6 00:08:33 DURRANS, Genevieve Holmfirth 178
10 00:08:41 SHEPHERD, Libby Holmfirth 168
11 00:08:45 ALLAN, Sophie Holmfirth 169
18 00:09:08 MIDDLETON, Eve Holmfirth 170
23 00:09:23 CARTER, Lia Holmfirth 166
28 00:09:32 BATTYE, Olivia Holmfirth 171
46 00:10:03 BAILEY-TAYLOR, Holly Holmfirth 167
49 00:10:08 KETTLEWELL, Amy Holmfirth 173
59 00:10:45 DRAKE, Isobel Holmfirth 172
61 00:10:46 BAILEY-TAYLOR, Emmy Holmfirth 175
Under 11 Boys Winners 1st
2 00:06:00 DURRANS, Callum Holmfirth 268
3 00:06:04 BEDINGFIELD, Samuel Holmfirth 265
5 00:06:08 WILKINSON, Freddie Holmfirth 270
12 00:06:15 JOHNSON, Ned Holmfirth 263
13 00:06:17 SMITH, Arron Holmfirth 269
18 00:06:20 MARSDEN, Jack Holmfirth 262
33 00:06:39 HOBBS, George Holmfirth 264
40 00:06:49 HALEY-PORTEOUS, Tom Holmfirth 267
47 00:07:00 CHARLESWORTH, Joseph Holmfirth 258
59 00:07:13 HALL, Archie Holmfirth 260
63 00:07:15 KEDDIE, Sean Holmfirth 257
Under 11 Girls 3rd Place
4 00:06:37 WATERMAN, Sunnivah Holmfirth 185
5 00:06:41 KEDDIE, Frances Holmfirth 181
23 00:07:30 TRAVIS, Emily Holmfirth 179
24 00:07:30 YATES, Millie Holmfirth 184
30 00:07:51 WATERMAN, Elphina Holmfirth 180
32 00:07:52 KETTLEWELL, Sophie Holmfirth 183  

 Photos courtesy of Norman Berry :

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